Friday, June 26, 2009


This is an avatar that I created on line. As close as I could get to me. LOL! They don't include lines in the face for these. Everyone looks younger.
Today is Friday. Strange, I barely remember the week. This round of chemo is a little different. I just can't seem to stay awake and I am so nauseous. I have been trying to Tweet and fall asleep right in the middle. It is so crazy. I have a numbness in my cheeks, mouth and nose. How strange is that? I ended up laying down on the couch and sleeping last night. Just anywhere I seem to lay my head.

It is difficult to put things together in my mind. I wish I felt like working on the Hispanic Website for the Church, but I am not so sure I could organize my thoughts that well. I took it from the Word document and put it into PowerPoint and then copied it into picture files. This is the only way I could be sure of doing it right, since I don't speak Spanish very well.

I got tweets from Riverside that they were reading my blog. Isn't that Sweet? They are some really nice people working at the Riverside Cancer Center. Dr. Schlesinger is absolutely wonderful and Cliff Pyne is a terrific nurse. My chemo nurse, Shannon is very kind and good at her job. They are all so caring, from the girl at the reception desk, to the lab ladies, to the nurses, doctors, and even the girl who checks me out when I leave and makes my appointments. I couldn't ask for better care.

The wonderful people on twitter really keep me feeling good. They read the blog, they say prayers for me, they are very supportive. I have 12 followers now, and I only had three until I put the blog on twitter. Still not making any money, but money isn't everything. The support I have received from them has meant a lot.

It is 93 degrees outside and Ray cut the grass. He was afraid there will be a thunderstorm tonight and make it impossible to cut grass tomorrow. Our weeds are doing well. I am not one to care about grass too much. As long as it is green and mown, most people cannot tell. Funny thing is, most weeds make for a much prettier green yard than a lot of grasses that die when there is not enough rain. I have some black bamboo in the back yard. Andrew cut down quite a bit of it, but he left some in selected spots. It does spread, but you can control it by cutting it down, which is what I will have to do if we ever move. I don't know if you can buy black bamboo now. I know that when this was given to me, you couldn't. And, it couldn't be sold here. It really is pretty. When it gets about 7 ft tall, it gets hard and turns black. Makes great stakes in the garden. I suppose I could make something else out of it. But, What?

I miss Wednesday nights at church. I miss the fellowship, the dinners, the teaching after dinner. I miss Sunday Bible Study, I miss church services. I should be more comfortable about going soon. I guess I have kind of sheltered myself. I almost feel like I have to protect myself right now. The doctor says I can go back out in public again, but I am afraid I might catch something and feel even worse than I do now.

My mother finally got the right glasses and is feeling much better. We were talking yesterday when they showed little dogs from a puppy mill on tv. Her little dog is a shitsupoo and not very big. I really miss Pepe and would like to have another dog but Ray balks at this. Of course, he didn't want Pepe to start with, but grew to love him as much or more than I did. A lady with Canine Companions comes around with two little shitsu's when I am in chemo and they are so little and so sweet. I would really love to have one, but Ray just doesn't want one. It is a little comforting to know that we don't have any fleas in the house and there are not hidden puddles on the floor, or wet spots on the carpet. Not to mention, the house smells better. Maybe not a good idea at all. I might just get a little stuffed one that barks.