Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Monday the 1st of June was a nice day. We had our Lions Club meeting at Angelo's. Lion Ray Yanello attended in his capacity as the Zone Chairman and brought our guest speaker who gave a program on the blind. It was a very nice meeting and I think everyone enjoyed it a lot. We clarified who would have the program for July, which is nice, since I won't be done with chemo by then. If you know someone who has a heart for service, please have them give me a call. We need Lions desperately. It is such a wonderful organization. We don't really get thanked for all the glasses/hearing aids that we purchase very often, but a few years ago when we were meeting at the Golden Corral, one of the waitresses knocked on the sliding door and said there was someone who wanted to speak to Mr. Ray Duke. A lady and a little boy came in and spoke to Ray and then he introduced them to us. We had purchased glasses for the little boy over a year before and he was able to graduate from grade school with an A average. He attributed it to the fact that he could see to read and study after we purchased the glasses.

There was another time, our president was invited to the graduation of a little girl from grade school. She was diabetic and had to have new glasses every year since kindergarten. We purchased them each year. She had the highest scored of any child in that school for the whole grade school time and was so grateful for what we had done. Granted, we don't do it for the accolades, but it really warms the heart when someone expresses their appreciation.

It has been a long week for me. Right after the chemo, I didn't feel bad at all for a change. The chemo itself wasn't so bad. I took my computer and twitted a while I sat there. I forgot my Verizon connector, but was able to go Wi-Fi on the hospital network. A volunteer and her husband brought her dog in for pet therapy and since her birthday was on Friday, she brought us all cupcakes. They were good, but very sweet. I took as little jar of peanut butter and graham crackers to snack on. I got there too early, not realizing they changed my time from 9 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Since Ray had dropped me off, they fitted me in. There were people there talking, chrocheting, listening to music, computing, playing games, etc. We are encouraged to drink lots of liquid to push the chemo through our system.

Catherine came and cleaned on Wednesday and I was even able to do the laundry. I think it must have been the steriods I have to take the day before, day of, and day after, that made me feel better. Things seemed to go downhill after Thursday. I am really trying to keep things straight, but sometimes I feel like my legs weigh a thousand pounds and my arms only a little less. It makes you feel like if you move, you will hurt yourself or just fall over. Sometimes, I even feel like there is a brain fog going on.

My insurance won't pay for the BRAC test. But, Tricare was supposed to pay for it and I got a paper saying that they wouldn't pay for it either. I guess I need to get on the phone with someone, but I just don't know who. Otherwise, it is going to cost me almost $4000. It sure would be nice if when you had surgery, the hospital would provide you with an advocate who could handle these things. I get huge bills that say I don't pay anything and get smaller bills that say I have to pay it all. And, then there are medicine bills. If I order my drugs from the drug company my insurance works with (MEDCO), I have to pay for half the cost. If I file the prescription at the drug store, the insurance pays half and TRICARE pays the other half (I don't have to pay anything). Now, if you had the choice of paying about $250 a quarter or nothing, which would you pay? So, it is RiteAid for me!

I wasn't feeling well Sunday morning. I had a stomach upset about 3 a.m. so I stayed home from Church. When I read the Daily Press, a coupon fell out for two entrees and appetizer at the LoneStar Steakhouse for $19.99, so I got cleaned up and was ready to go when Ray came home from church. We had the Texas Star appetizer (fried onion), Ray had Salmon, and I had some grilled chicken. It came with 2 sides each. You almost couldn't cook all that for the price. We went directly home and Ray slept in the recliner most of the day.

I seem to have a lot of sciatic pain in my back but I will not let it bother me. I ordered another wig from EBay (Hong Kong). It came in orange, so I ordered another one that was supposed to be brown with frosting and it came in Red with frosting. I actually trimmed it yesterday and decided it will be my at home hair. Now I can call my red-headed stepsister, Linda and tell her she now has a red-headed stepsister. LOL! If I go out, I will wear the good one. I remembered that synthetic wigs lose their luster when they get hot (like when opening the oven door, cooking, getting to close to fire). It kind of makes them fuzzy.

I started another blog. It is "Barbara Duke - Writer & Author". The URL is It is my ramblings about different stories I hear about or see on the news. Just my opinion. I really would like it to become something that people would actually comment on. I don't know if I put the other one on here or not, it is "Christian Thoughts" and the URL is Still trying the Adsense thing. Now I am signed up as an affiliate on Amazon. If I figure all this out, maybe I can stay home and not have to get a part time job when I get well. Then we would be able to travel some.

I guess I could stop rambling. I need to go on the church website and do some changes to the children's website. Beverly said she sent me some pictures and I may be able compress them tonight for her. Sure would have liked to go to church for dinner. Not many left until summer. I need to find someone to fill in for me on Sunday as Deacon.

Ray and Juanita Wilson called last night. Ray is doing well. He seems to be really healing up nicely. They are such a wonderful couple. Ray has some formula left from his feeding tube time and I need to find someone to donate it to that cannot afford to purchase it. There is even the apparatus to use with it.

I need to check all my email and work on the church site.
Prayers are working. Thank you for all the cards and prayers.