Monday, April 6, 2009


Good Monday Morning,

I didn't have much time for writing this weekend. Friday afternoon I received a phone call from the Nurse Practioner (Cliff) at Dr. Schlesinger's office. He said the bone scan that Dr. Omstodt had done came back negative for bone cancer. That is wonderful, but I only thought it was a bone scan for osteoporosis. LOL! Praise God for small miracles.

Late Friday afternoon, we went to the Stoneybrooke Clubhouse and helped Earl to price some items and straighten out some things. There was so much stuff. We stayed until around seven and then just went home. So tired. We had left-over spaghetti cassarole. Saturday was a good day. I would say that we made close to $1K on the yard sale. This means we can buy some glasses this month. We have so many needy people on our list.

Sunday was wonderful. Tag Kilgore preached an awesome sermon and I found people to be in charge of the ushers until the end of the year.

I passed the halfway point today for my radiation. 15 down, 13 to go. I am seeing my PA in the morning about my hip problem.

Twitter is fun after you figure it out. It seems to be something new every day.

We are going to NC for Easter, I am so excited to be getting away for a couple of days and see family.

Garrett and Taylor in their uniforms for T-ball last year. They are playing again this year. You would never think they are twins.