Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week of Pink

Ray drove me down to NC to our home there. He came back on Saturday because he had a lot of things going on at church and with the Lions District. He left before we had the birthday party for Garrett and Taylor. So, my son Jeff took me home after the party. Their grandmother Duncan was there along with one of their aunts. I got a wonderful cake at Walmart and we had a couple of gallons of ice cream. There were a few snacks and that was it. Rhonda and Jesse usually go all out but since the children were in camp this year and Rhonda took cupcakes and ice cream cups to the camp, our party was family and fun. Jesse had brought some chicken from BoJangles' earlier before Ray left. He knew Ray would stay long enough to get a piece of chicken. My son Jeff took me back to my house and stayed about an hour talking. It was so nice, I don't get a chance to talk to him much.

My how time flies. I wrote the first paragraph in NC and I have been back in VA two weeks. I didn't realize that I have not written in that long. During the week that I was in NC, I rested, ate, taught Snowball tricks, ate, cleaned, sewed, ate; the upshot is I think I gained about 10 lbs. It was very nice, though I missed Ray terribly. I stayed in most of the time because the heat index was around 105 most of the week. We did take Thursday afternoon to go to the movies in Greenville. Twenty years ago I saw "Hunt for Red October," ten years ago I saw "The Passion of the Christ," and to top this off we saw "Madagascar 3." I don't know if I am getting better or worse. We had a pretty good time, although I think we spent more at the snack bar than we did for the tickets. One little tray with a 1oz pkg of gummy somethings, a small drink, and about 2 cups of popcorn was $5.75. Taylor brought two of her friends, Hanna and Shelby. They had a great time. The movie was not exactly one I would have picked, but it was their day. 

The next night there was the shooting at the opening of "Batman" in Aurora, Colorado. It will probably be at least 10 years before I go back to a movie.

During the week, I did work on my quilt. I was trying a new pattern and it worked out well. I was able to finish it up this last Thursday and start to quilt it. I tried to keep up with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I even took some time to read. I didn't have to cook for anyone. It was great. I usually go down and cook for Rhonda, but I just wanted a break from having to even think about cooking. I made some wonderful chicken soup and ate on it all week. 

Ray came back on Friday and we all went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Kinston. We go there almost every time someone has a birthday. Ray's birthday, they almost scared him to death by popping a paper bag behind his back and placing a Sombrero on his head. They sang "Happy Birthday" in Spanish. It is a fun place to go with great food, but I can never remember the name. I will have to write it down next time. 

Ray and I drove home to Virginia on Saturday. He had to teach Sunday School on Sunday morning. One of the alternate teachers was in Pennsylvania and the other was on a mission trip to Romania. We went to lunch at Chili's. It was great, as always. Ray had the sliders and I had soup. Their baked potato soup fills me up. 

Later, we went to a meeting at church. We have a beautiful new Welcome Center that needs to be manned. I volunteered for August. I need to get back to church. I have taken a few months off from my duties at church to sort out some personal things. I hear the Lord calling me back. 

Thursday, I started the O2 Breakthrough with Zna Trainer. I seem to be doing well with it now. I had to give it up when Bonita was with me because Bonita just could not share me. It was difficult for her to share me even with Ray. She did not like me to be on the phone, the computer, or ignore her in any way. The benefits of me being on the program are already noticeable. I am breathing better and the pain in my legs is better. The doctor is with me on my guess that my little "spells" are mini panic attacks.

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