Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wonderful Week of PINK

Taylor and Garret at 6 months
My daughter, Rhonda came and brought her family on the 4th of July. Jesse, my son-in-law, had a birthday on the 5th and the twins birthday is on July 13 and they turned 10 years old. So, to make a long story short, we gave them all tickets to Busch Gardens.

Garrett and Taylor now
We cooked hot dogs and Bratworst on the grill for the Holiday. There were lots of fireworks in our neighborhood. No one ever obeys the law when fireworks are involved and I guess the police were too busy guarding the places where the legal fireworks were and watching out for drunks in cars. We just didn't want to get out in the crowds, so we watched the fireworks on TV. The new digital makes you almost feel like you are there. We turned up the sound, turned out the lights and saw some beautiful fireworks in the New York Harbor and in Philadelphia.

I told them they should spend Saturday on the Outer Banks on their way home. They went to the Outer Banks and got a little lost, but they did get to spend some time on the beach. They didn't get home until Sunday morning at about 12:30am. I think they had a good time though. Jesse has never been one for vacations, he has worked almost every day of his life since he got old enough to work. Probably worked with his Dad even before he was legally old enough. Now he works for Bosch in New Bern. He loves it there and gets a lot of overtime, vacation time, and health insurance. He was even working his own business for a while but he is learning how to relax sometime and is not doing his construction business much anymore.

Before they left on Saturday morning, Jesse got out outside and fixed the siding on our shop where it was struck by lightning. He fixed some other things. I was going to buy a new weed eater, because I couldn't find one that works. Now I have three weed eaters that he fixed from parts he found in our shop. One has my name on it and no one else is allowed to use it. I have always thought that some man invented the weed eater just to get back at women. They are ugly!

I went to see the neurologist on Tuesday. Report is that I do NOT have any calcification in my brain (Alzheimer's) and I do not have dementia. The problem with my memory is that I have the attention span of a gnat. I do have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and the anxiety from that is what is causing the short term memory problem. I am writing a new blog, but I have not put my name on it, but I may share it with you all later. It is about PTSD and how it came about in my case. I always have thought of it as something soldiers came back from war with. Evidently, those of us who didn't actually go to war in another country can also manifest this problem. It used to be called clinical depression or manic depression. A lot of people self-medicate with alcohol. Fortunately, I do not drink alcohol and the doctor found something to help me with this. I am basically a positive person or this could have been worse. I think it travels in families. My father would experience this every 6 months or so and go on a alcohol binge. My first husband self-medicated with alcohol and he is no longer with us. Give your children a hug and tell them you love them every day of their life. They need your approval more than anyone.
Sonny (3) and Barbara (2)

To the right is a picture taken on Easter when my brother, Sonny and I were little. It seemed that was the only time we got out pictures taken outside of school photos. We really didn't live with each other when we were small so the only time we got together was on Easter. I did go to live with my mother when I was seven, so we finally got to know each other. Our parents were divorced.

Guess I better get dressed to go to church. We are quilting today for the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters. The quilts go to the children on the cancer ward for use when they are getting chemo infusions. We have about 20 quilts that are ready and are all almost finished with another one. The quilts are about 50"x70" except the baby quilts are a little smaller and usually softer. I will take pictures and let you see them all soon.

Got to go. Love to All! Remember: