Friday, August 10, 2012

Pajama Party Week of Pink

I am the hostess on the Twitter #Slumberparty tonight at 11pm EST. We are having a #PajamaParty. I have asked everyone to put up a picture of their favorite PJs. We will see who has the best PJs. I wish we had a sponsor to give out prizes, maybe Victoria's Secret later on and we can have an actual contest. Think I will contact a retail company to sponsor our party next time so we can have prizes.
Dabney has great plans working on this fall. Dabney Porte is one of the most motivated people that I know. She is the ultimate Girlfriend. I just love #smgirlfriends. Click on the link to see what is going on today! Join us! Then there is #smmanners . Of course the SM in the titles stand for Social Media. It is a blast and I have made some really good girl friends on there. There are even guys on #boysontwitter on the Man Cave .
You can also check out #SMGirlfriends, Social Media Girlfriends, #SMManners, #SMManCave, and my favorite #SweetTweets on my Pinterest Board. Be careful, you can get stuck there all day.

I have started my exercise again. Monday, I woke up with a lot of pain. At 8:45, I called a friend and I worked out with the girls over the phone. By the time we were done, all joint pain was gone. My neck even quit hurting. Usually, I can only get over this by taking a Vicadin. I have felt better everyday that I have exercised with them and the days that I did it on my own. The pain has been so much better, I dropped 1mg of cortisone from my regimen on Tuesday and I was a little achy yesterday and today when I first woke up. My fingers even froze up this morning. After the O2 it quits. I think the oxygen part of this program is the key. It gets the blood flowing and cuts down on inflammation. I had shots in my knees yesterday and they really hurt this morning.

I am back. Pain free! The Exercise Session really helped. I did a lot better today, even though my little Snow Ball kept trying to lick my face and eat my tissue. He is so funny. Maybe I can get him interested in the exercise. I am cooling down now so I decided to let you know what I am doing. I was doing it last year before I started watching Benita and I really shouldn't have stopped. I was doing better and watching someone with Alzheimer's is so stressful and the breathing and the stretching really removes the stress in life.
Snow Ball

I am watching "The Doctors" and a weight loss program they are sharing. I still think the best thing you can do is "Eat Less, Move More!" You can eat just about any raw vegetables you want. They told me not to eat spinach, kale, turnip greens, broccoli, etc. because it had more Vitamin K and since I am on a blood thinner, it could make my blood too thin. Well, Dr. Oz says that I would have to eat a small car full of those things for it to make a difference in the thinness of my blood.

Barbara Duke
We have a new WELCOME Center at our church and I have been there the last two Sundays'. It is so nice to be in the foyer again. I really miss being the leader of the Welcome and Greeting Committee (ushers). At least at the Welcome Center, I can get my Sunday hugs again. We also have mints. We give out gift bags to visitors with information about becoming a Christian, information about our Sunday Bible Study, and our services. There is usually a small book with poems or stories inside also. I love doing things for the Lord. I missed quilting this week. Judy went to Northern Virginia, Lena and Hettie were not feeling well, and I had shots in my knees. Oh well, everyone needs a break sometime. I am going to do some cutting before next week. I need to put together another top.