Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Have you ever thought about how many hours you have been on Facebook since you joined? All I can come up with is "Countless." Did I, or you, ever pay anything to use Facebook, other than our time?" "NO!"

    I read the other day that if Facebook stock tanks any more than it has, it will be very bad for those people working there. They get a bonus for their hard work paid to them in stock. What kind of bonus is it to get something that is not worth anything. Countless people will be out of work, if the stock does not rise. 

    And, no, I do not know Mark Zuckerberg. But, to show my support for Facebook, I purchased 50 shares of stock for around $20 each ($1k) this past Monday morning. I am not saying that you should buy 50 shares, but maybe 10 or whatever you can afford. This could be our way to show Facebook our thanks for all those hours of free use. 

    There were employees who made millions in the beginning of Facebook because their stock shares rose so fast. Loads of them retired or started businesses of their own. 

    So, lets see, I am not so good with math, but what if my stock tripled in value, it would be worth 3K, or more considering it probably would not triple all at once. I am sure there is someone that could explain it better than I can. I am certainly not doing this for myself, but for those people that I would like to be able to help in this world. I believe that the only way to serve God is to serve others. If by following my lead, others are helped, so much the better. 

    My whole point is encouragement. Lets encourage Facebook and its employees with the purchase of stock. These things can build. Some people help, their friends help, and their families help, before you know it Facebook shares are valued where they should be, and we are all much better off

    Can you pay-it-forward? Facebook has paid it forward for years. Their service is free all over the world. People who own Internet services like Verizon, Cox, Century Link, etc., all benefit from Facebook. People want good service and Facebook provides good service. They fix problems as soon as possible and they upgrade all the time. 

   Let us show Facebook that we are really interested in their future, because they have always been interested in ours. 

Nothing is Impossible!

   By the way, I used Scottrade for my stock, but there are lots of other companies that can do the same for you. They only charge $7 a trade, per purchase, whatever. Nice people too. By the way, if you use Scottrade, use the link above. This is a link to the real site, not a clone. I had to go through some other sites from Google that have similar names, but are not actually Scottrade.

   Here is to your good graces. You are all in my prayers. Who knows, we could inspire our entire country and bring us out of this slump. 
Invest in America
It is the only home we have! 
Love to you All

  Let me know if you invest by tweeting me at @barbaraduke on Twitter, make a comment here, or even just Barbara Duke on Facebook. I know that we can do this. Lets show those people who wonder what we are doing on the web and make bad comments about people who are just playing with their computer. 




This is a reprint from my blog BarbaraDuke-Professional Encourager