Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was going to say good morning, but I looked at the clock and it is almost noon. I made a big decision yesterday and I quit Empire Avenue. I really enjoyed it and find that I am much more competitive than I like to think that I am. @ChrisVoss on Twitter got me involved but it was not his fault that I became engrossed with it. I was doing very well, but I found that it was taking up too much time out of my day to work on it. It is another one of those things that we let eat up our time when we should be doing something else, even if it is meditation. I remember how consumed I was by Farmville on FaceBook. That was consumed to the ridiculous extreme. I found myself thinking about it when I wasn't even playing. I know how I get hooked on things easily. What I want to be hooked on now is writing and blogging. No more games for me, unless it is Angry Birds while I am waiting at the doctor's office (only if I forgot my Kindle). Games are nice to relax and there are a few that I like to do that are not all-consuming. I would really rather my life be a learning experience than an experience of mindless game playing. In my real life, I a not really partial to games, either sports or the games people play or try to play with my head.

Roses from the Garden
I have been feeling a little strange lately. My doctor is trying to wean me from prednisone, but I don't know if I can endure the pain. My shoulders and neck were hurting so bad last week that I found some stronger prednisone and took it. The pain went away, but what is going to happen tomorrow when I have to drop another milligram? Friends tell me to rest and get plenty of sleep. This goes against my basic nature. I have always only slept about 5 hours a night. Now I am up to 7 hours, but it is very difficult to sleep any more than that. Although, it is easier to take little naps in my chair during the day. When I get totally exhausted, I just lean back and nod.

I have also been updating my blog for my Lions Club this morning and am so happy to be out of the loop on that. The newsletter and keeping up with the blog are my jobs this year. I also updated the District 24-D Facebook page and the Newport News Host Lions Facebook page. I have been a busy bee this morning. I even tweeted a little.

It was not a good day. All those members of the Navy Seal Team who died in the helicopter really had more effect on me than I thought. I  just couldn't send out my normal #MilitaryMon on Twitter. It seemed so ineffective. I just put a few thoughts on Twitter about the tragedy. I just cannot even imagine the loss of the families. These were fathers, husbands that just cannot be replaced. At least they have the knowledge that their fathers died doing what they loved.

Someone sent this to me and I have no idea who wrote it, but it is very interesting.

·          Atheism - The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs - Makes perfect sense.

Your beliefs are yours, and you do not have to agree with me to be my friend. If you have been reading my blog, I think you know where my heart is, with Jesus.