Saturday, July 30, 2011


I ordered a Pop Phone. It connects to my cell and is just like an old style phone receiver. I love it. I always have a problem with my cell, but when this is plugged in, no problem.I can hear great and it is so great. I can prop it on my solder and it won't fall off very easily. I was able to order it using the money I earned on MyLikes. They credit your Amazon account and you can purchase anything that they sell.

I have been busy reading this past couple of weeks on building blogs, writing books and working with Google Adsense and Amazon ads. I have to figure it out soon or try to find a job. I also joined Google+. Now there is a wonder. I haven't exactly figured it out. It is different. I will get it. I am still a Twitter and Facebook person. Circle the wagons!

So many of my friends have been ill. The sisters, Crystal and Roxanne, are both on Hospice. They both have stage 4 cancer and are not expected to be here much longer. I am so glad that they both know the Lord. Last time I saw them, I told them to save me a place. Even though they are in terrible pain, the seem to always look on the bright side. That is how a Christian can cope with the hardships of this world. Our friends, Marc and Judy, have gone through a lot this past week. Marc was thought to have had a stroke, but thank God, he didn't.

So much has been going on with the government, Ray is listening to FOX News 24/7. I hate to think what might happen if they don't pass the budget. I am not worrying so much about whether we will get our retirement or social security, I am worried about the fools on Wall Street do with our retirement funds. Will the stock market crash? Who knows. I think they should repay the money that the government gave them to bail out with a few years ago. Wouldn't that be amazing, someone actually giving our government money back that we gave them in the first place. Too bad we cannot designate how our taxes are spent, like we do at church. Our tithes go to the general fund, and any gifts and offerings are spent as we desire.

I have been busy all week. My cleaning lady hasn't been in over a month. She is taking care of her ex-husband who has dementia. I sure do miss her.  If she doesn't come back soon, I may have to find someone else. My daughter keeps telling me I should do a little at a time, but she doesn't understand what is going on with me. I am not sure that anyone can understand who has not been through it. If I move around too much, I end up hurting. If I don't move, I hurt.

Friday night was special at the Twitter #Slumberparty. I brought popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, Virtual Margaritas, and we had a pillow fight. It is all virtual so all the cheesecake we ate didn't go to our thighs. That is an idea, instead of eating, send your friends virtual food. Think, visualize food. I bet if I did that for a few minutes, I probably would even smell and taste it. LOL! Our sponsor last night was the lovely Linda, @UdderlySmooth udder cream. My skin has never been so soft. I really love it and it is never greasy. Sometimes creams come off on the keyboard even after I have wiped them.. No problems with all natural UdderlySmooth.