Thursday, August 25, 2011


Service is Power
My friend Benita is back with me today. Her daughter, Rebecca, is a teacher's assistant and teachers are back in class. Children start sometime next week. You may not know, but after a bad experience with a care giver, Benita stayed with me for 3 months until school was out. She has dementia (Alz). We have been friends for years and we used to have lunch on Sundays after church with our husbands. Unfortunately, that stopped in 2007. We couldn't figure out what was going on, but finally decided that since Norman retired, maybe they just wanted to spend time together. In November 2010, Norman had a heart attack and passed away while he was waiting in traffic for the light to change. It has been a difficult time for them, because Benita is not able to stay alone. I love her dearly. In fact, at one time, we were thinking about introducing Rebecca to my son Jeff. Anyway, here we are two friends supporting each other through hard times.

Ray and I started on the Induction Phase of Adkins Diet on Monday, August 8, 2011. Ray has diabetes and was afraid that they were going to increase his medication if he didn't get his blood sugar down. I had gained about 20 lbs because of the steroids that I am on and if I wanted to get into my fall and winter clothes, I need to lose some weight. I have been very inventive and will be chronicling our venture on one of my other blogs, along with recipes. I will let you know when I get it going. We both lost weight by day 15: Ray, 15 lbs - Barbara, 12 lbs. I am so excited. Ray didn't realize it before but he was out of his medication that morning when we started. He had to call it in to Express Scripts and to took 3 days for delivery. His blood sugar stabilized between 93 and 110 so when his medication came he didn't take any. He still hasn't and his blood sugar is still between 93 and 110. He is so happy and feels so much better. I am trying not to weigh in every day. I get a PT/INR test every 2 weeks and they weigh me, so I am being weighed at the doctor. We do have a good scale here, but I figured that was "official." I cannot cheat on that one. LOL! (Not that I would.) I will periodically mention the diet on this blog and carry a link to the other one. I did see an article yesterday that I think everyone should read.

I am also doing a blog called "Twitter SweetTweets" where I will be commenting on our parties on Twitter. #slumberparty #SMmanners  #CMchat #MomEoChat  Etc. I will have days and times there.
SMgirlfriends & #latteclub are 24/7.

 People starting these are @DabneyPorte @MamaBritt, @JessicaNorthey, etc. They have made Twitter a much nicer place to be. If you look in the right column, you will see the #SMgirlfriend link to Facebook. If you are on Twitter, just put #SMgirlfriend in Search or on TweetDeck, you can click the #hashtag and it will create a column for you.

Have fun on Social Media! I am still trying to get used to Google+.