Monday, May 23, 2011


Went to the Lions of Virginia MD-24 State Convention. It was at the Radison Plaza in Richmond VA. It is a huge hotel and easy to get lost in. If you are handicapped, tell them so you don't have to walk all over God's creation to find your room. Ray will just have to remember when he makes reservations from now on that his poor arthritic wife has bad knees and hips. This morning is quite painful but I took a Vicadin, so it will be better soon, I hope. As for the Lions, what a weekend. We had three  people running for the opportunity to be selected as International Director. Our District election could have been nicer, but the people selected by the Lions of District won. It seems there are politics that I was not even aware of for years. I really hate to think of Lions Clubs being involved in politics, but they are. All this is over-ridden by the fact that all money donated for Charity, goes to Charity. We do so much good work that you can put up with little petty things like politics. Our club is not political. We have the most wonderful group of people who are giving, loving, and feel blessed to be able to help their fellow men and women.

Ray and I went to Tropical Smoothie on Friday night. It was great. I just love the low-fat pineapple orange smoothie. Ray shared with me because he wasn't sure that he would like it. I ordered a wrap and he got a sandwich and they were awesome. Saturday we went to Olive Garden with . . . .
Linda and Jim Gregory. We all ordered soup and salad. It was so nice and so clean. I always take a look at the restroom in restaurants. I judge the cleanliness of the restaurant kitchen on the cleanliness of the restroom and there's looked like I was the first person to ever enter it, it was so clean. Kudos to Olive Garden for cleanliness and great food.

Saturday evening we all went to Extra Billy's Barbecue on Broad Street. Another member of our club, Ralph Simmons was with us. The ribs were awesome. I just love Extra Billy's. Its atmosphere of an old post office is great. There was a large life size wooden horse in our area that was impressive. The food was wonderful and barbecue was out of this world. And, the bathroom was clean!

All that walking wasn't so good for me but I hope to feel better soon. It was mainly the stairs. It is not really a handicap friendly hotel. One thing that bothered me in the hall on the way to our room there was a smell that smelled like a sewer. I found out later that we were on a pet friendly floor. Since I am allergic to most dogs and cats, it is no wonder that I itched all the time I was there. Then there was the cigarette smell. Every time we went outside we were hit with the cigarette smell. They didn't seem to have any designated smoking place so the staff and guests smoke under the overhangs or at the steps going into the buildings. That was awful. All in all, I don't think I would recommend the Radisson Plaza in Richmond. We have stayed at much nicer places. I don't know about the food because we ate out the whole weekend and no one mentioned the food to me.

Well, that is what I did over the weekend. It was fun, and the world didn't end. LOL! Some crazy preacher said that the world was supposed to end and Christ would come again at 6 p.m. on last Saturday evening. If you are reading this, you know that it did not happen. But what if it had happened, would you have been raptured with the church? If not, you would have been left here on Earth to go through lots of struggles and pain over a long period of time. I am so glad that whenever it happens, I will rise to be with Christ. I hope you will be there too.

God is good, All the time!