Saturday, May 14, 2011

#SlumberParty PINK

#SlumberParty Trending number 6 #hashtag for 3 hour trend and @DabneyPorte was number 2@mention #3 hour
@DabneyPorte is the Queen of Parties. She makes sure we have wonderful sponsors. 
I heard that there was 499,991 impressions. That is only nine away from half a million. That is awesome. I did try to tweet more. I realize that my tweets might count more because of how many followers I have. I think.
Last night our sponsor was Devine Shimmers. There were five prizes and if you sign up on line, there will be something in the mail for you. Devine Shimmers are sold online and at Walgreen's. @1devinegal  is the owner and she was so nice. I just love the thought of lip shimmers made of things that are actually good for you, instead of petroleum products.  DeVine Lip Shimmers feature the finest quality 100% natural ingredients available, for a truly natural balm for beautiful and healthy lips.

We all seem to have a good time. There was virtual martini, popcorn, jelly bellys, chocolate chip cookies, line-dancing, karoke, movies, etc. The music was led by @WayneHurlbert. He kept the music going while we played Twister, cards, etc. Virtual parties are exhausting but lots of fun. This happens every Friday night at 11 p.m. EST. Join us for the #slumber party next week.

Want the Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe? Check out my blog today. Someone asked me about it yesterday and I looked it up. One of my first emails had the recipe in it. I made them and they were the best cookies I have ever had. Although, they are not now and never were sold at Neiman Marcus. That was a complete fallacy. I tried adding some powdered chocolate once, but I don’t remember how much. Anyway, Great Cookies!

Got to go get ready for the Centennial Celebration for the GFWC Newport News Women’s Club at 2 p.m. today. Can you believe it? One hundred years of service to the community. I haven’t been in a while because I have been ill. Now is the time to get back in and see if I can be of help.

Our quilting group is going well. That woman didn’t come last time and I am praying that she does not show up again. Benita is well and home for the weekend. Love to all, God is Good, All the time.