Sunday, May 2, 2010


We are in Fairfax at the Virginia State Association of Parliamentarians 53d Annual Convention at the Hyatt Fairlakes. The hotel is very nice and we are having a great time. Friday night the Alpha Unit (Ray is President) had their annual meeting at The Blue Iguana Restaurant. The food was wonderful and they manager made our meeting a special one. Ray had been dealing with him for 2 weeks setting up this meeting. We actually went by there before we went to the hotel and had lunch.
We met a waiter named Helmut from Germany. Helmut is 78 years old and is probably the best waiter they have ever had. He doesn't want to retire. He worked for a big cruise line, for some royalty in Europe and Iran as a butler and for Frank Sinatra for 17 years. He moved to Fairfax to retire but just couldn't stay home and do nothing. Very energetic little man. So interesting. Would make a good subject for a book. His life has been amazing.
 Well it is Sunday and I woke  up with a terrible sore throat. I had some antibiotics, took one and at least I can swallow now.  A friend came over the other day and she had a bad cold. You would think that people would stay away from those who have compromised immune systems when they have colds. I didn't run her off though, I helped her with some financial information that she didn't understand. I have been helping her with things since her husband passed away.
I listened to Joel Osteen this morning and was energized by his talk. I am hoping that I can go on line later and listen again. I really liked what he had to say today. It was how you could bless the generations ahead of you by the behavior you have today. It was wonderful insight on the favor of God. More later.
 If I don't get off these steroids soon, I am going to look like Chunky Barbie!

Love to all. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME. Barbara