Tuesday, May 11, 2010

September 28-2009 import Pink

I had a strangly restful weekend in VA Beach. Wasn't feeling too well but went to the Lions Fall Conference anyway. It was very nice in some ways, and horrendous in others. The Holiday Inn was renovating the lobby and it made for a very uncomfortable stay. It was gutted and the dust and odor was aweful. It pervaded everything. I hate to think that we probably digested a good deal of it in the dinners we ate there. Conference food is iffy at best, but the food was not too good (even if it had been hot). Only one elevator was working where the temporary lobby was located.

Unfortunately there was also an American Legion State Convention there and they were all crowded around all the entrances so you could not enter the lobby without walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke. The conference and dining rooms were small with tables so crowded that the servers could barely get through with the food.

At least the rooms were nice. We were on the third floor and our room had been redone already (thank God). I spent most of my time there since the lobby was such a mess and the conference rooms were so tiny and without air conditioning. I just can't stay in a place that doesn't have AC. I do know that if I am ever in charge of a conference, I will try to make sure that it is in a new hotel or at least are not planning renovations. This is the second bad Holiday Inn stay though. We may have to stay somewhere else next time they book us into a Holiday Inn.

We came home Sunday and chilled out the rest of the day. Monday night there was a Peninsula Baptist Association Meeting at First Baptist. I went mainly because Reverend Billy Lewis was there and singing. He used to be a member of our church and I was on the Deacon Body when he was accepted for ordination as a pastor for his Praise Ministry. It was an honor to be on his certification team. We all love to hear him sing and he is a great servant of God.

Tuesday evening, Ray went back to the PBA meeting and Cindy came over and stayed with me until about 6 o'clock. She cut up the pineapple that was given to me in a Care Basket by some lovely women in my Sunday Bible Study Class: Ann Glover, Lou Ladson, Linda Hoffler, and Annabelle Thornton. Janice Mahone had the basket for us when we went Monday night. There was the Pineapple,  apples, homemade chocolate covered peanuts, Fall dish, Pumpkin, book, pkg of dried fruit & nuts, gum, etc., not to mention the beautiful Fall decorated basket.  There was also a bag full of toilitries, like lotion, candle, soap, etc. They were so thoughtful and made me feel so special. They are very thoughtful and Godly women. I love them all so much.

I went and had my protyme test today and it was normal. They sent me to the hospital for a chest xray because I am still feeling pain in my chest. My joints are still hurting some so I am still on the Prednisone. Ray went to choir practice and I went to sleep in the recliner. I can't seem to sleep on the bed. If I lay down, when I get up my chest hurts worse and it takes me longer to get myself together when I wake up.

To my Twitter #SweetTweets. Thanks for listening. Hope your day was wonderful. I am going to try to get out on my own tomorrow and go to Sally's by myself. Maybe the Mall. Who knows?

Love to you all, God is Good, All the time!