Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, the hair is gone. We went to NC last weekend and my son Jeff shaved my head. He is a barber at DunArtie Spa & Salon in New Bern. I did it this way because I wanted everyone to see that it could be a "good" thing. It was hard for Jeff and my daughter Rhonda, I am sure, but Rhonda'a twins, Garrett & Taylor, took it real well and even wanted to try on my wig. LOL! Actually, it was kind of freeing.

I cooked barbecued ribs and we had Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Rolls, Garden Salad, deviled eggs, & dirty rice. It was a party atmosphere. Since Sunday was my Mother's 79th Birthday, I bought a chocolate cake and Ray picked up some vanilla icecream when he went to town. We videotaped some and put it on YouTube although I couldn't put it there until we got back to VA. My sister Cindy in Dallas, and sister Jan in Jacksonville (FL) also put videos on YouTube.
If you want to see the birthday video, go to: (Don't forget to rate it, LOL!)

I had gone earlier in the week to a shop in Denbigh and bought a very nice (expensive) wig. It is darker than I am used to, but highlighted. Everyone says it makes me look younger. Sounds good to me. LOL!

I have been deep in thought about his whole experience. I thought I would feel better after the first week. It didn't happen. Thursday was the first day that I really felt any better and there is chemo again next Tuesday! Ray has had to drive me everywhere; he is so patient. God couldn't have sent me a better man. I love him so much. He gave me money and I paid a really nice lady to clean our house on Wednesday. She was there 4 hours and did a great job. She will be coming every Wednesday until I get over all this and get back to myself. It really improved my spirits to have a clean house. The toilet in the main bathroom broke and we were without it for 2 days while Ray tried to fix it. He finally got it fixed last night after I left a message with a plumber. I hate using the half bath off the bedroom; it gived me claustrophobia.

I have been Twittering. If you haven't tried, it is wonderful. There is so much positive energy there. I just love it. Since I am a little obsessive/compulsive, I really have to watch myself. I am afraid I have ignored my Facebook friends somewhat, but reading stuff on there, I don't think they missed me too much.

GOD is GOOD, all the time! He still is there for me whenever I need Him. Sometimes when I don't think I do, there He is. He is watchin over me. He knows He has my heart. He sends me things through people I have contact with. I received a lot of cards last week when people heard I had chemo. Each card is a prayer. I look at them that way. Each email is a prayer. There are so many people out there who care about what happens to me. I never realized I was loved by so many. Don't worry, I am not getting a big head about this. I appreciate each and every one of them more than they will ever realize. I pray for each person who contacts me and even pray for some who don't. My favorite verse in the whole Bible is "I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me." And, I can!

Love to all, Barbara