Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today was the first day that I felt like doing anything at all. I actually woke up optomistic! There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been so fortunate that I started this blog. It has made a difference with me. It gives me something to think about and update. I am constantly thinking, would anyone want to hear this? The Twitterverse has made it wonderful. I had over 850 page impressions on this site since I started it. There was only 200 or so for a long time, but then I started putting the url on Twitter and everyone had to see. Isn't it great. They have been so supportive and want to know how I am. I have met some nice ladies, QueenMisha in Austin TX, ZnaTrainer in Hawaii, and Kimberly McCarthy on the East Coast (Awesome Christian that prays for me a lot).

I have my wonderful lady prayer warriors at church: Bev Parker, Bertha Taylor Baldwin, Barbara Goff, Bruna Maffei, Dottie Aebischer, Lena Self, Rachael Pittman, Linda Gregory, Tracy Houston, Betty Elofson, Mary Oder, Judy Gatlin, Bette Young, Anne Glover, Judy Brett, Clara Hughes, Norma Sowell, Mary Merritt, Donita Waggonshutz, Beverly Garrett, Mary Prussia, Janet Banton, Jonnie Sowers, Doris Taylor, Diane Boyette, Odessa Poore, Kitty Turner, Dot Riley, Judy Arrowood, Terry Adkins, Lynn Adams, Thelma Aydelott, Ann Bledsoe, Yvonne Bush, Helen Brown, Kay Brown, Gainor Clark, Christine Colley, Joyce Conner, Janet Crowder, Eula Davis, Jean Darnell, Juanita Wilson, Helga Dietrich, Benita Edwards, Karen Evans, Sandra Faison, Joyce Fitchhett, Monica Garcia, Ruby Gilbert, Shirley Gratto, Edith Green, Shirley Gunnels, Stephanie Hall, Emma Heath, Vicki Hodges, Linda Hoffler, Mary Ann Hutchinson, Kim Jeffries, Vera Johnson, Ann Jones, Virginia Jones, Mary Keeling, Starlyn Kelley, Joy Kilgore, Cathy Jones, Betty Jones, Gloria Keene, Grace King, Gay Klich, Lou Ladson, Betty Lamb, Aline Laufer, Elsie Lester, Jeanne Lester, Mary Lynch, Jeanette Lystlund, Janice Mahone, Georgia Mann, Lisa Mason, Heather McCracken, Docia McKean, Judy Means, Sherry Means, Beryl Meisner, Betsy Moore, Agnes Murrill, Joyce Nettles, Nicole Newsome, Nancy Nichols, Kim Overman, Carol Pauley, Betty Pearson, Marguerite Peck, Ann Perkinss, Donna Pultz, Thea Rawls, June Ray, Nikki Reed, Evelyn Rieger, Janet Rippy, Judy Roberts, Jane Satchell, Jane Saunders, Mary Self, Diane Shinault, June Simpkins, Erma Slye, Betty Smith, Bert Smith, Joy Spaugh, Jean Squires, Nancy Thomas, Annabelle Thornton, Amanda Tilley, Debbie Webb, Dottie Wallace, Connie Watkins, Nonie White, Peggy White, Connie White, Cresenti Williams, Dot Williams, Betty Wood, Mary Watkins Wright, . . . . .
I probably forgot a few and I hope they forgive me. They are all so wonderful and supportive. I love them so much. I know there are men who pray for me also, but they don't seem to be so forthcoming. I appreciate them too.