Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I had an appointment with Sandy at the Cancer Center. She gave me a book with all the information that I need for my chemotherapy. I still have to see the nurse who will be my personal nurse during the chemo. There is so much to read. I did find out that my hair will probably fall out about two weeks after I have my first treatment. Sandy showed me around the clinic where they do chemo while I was there. There sure seemed to be a lot of people. There are four rooms and four or five recliners for patients. There were people there and their relatives.

Today I went to see Dr. Schlesinger's nurse, Cliff. He is very nice and is making sure I don't fall through the cracks. He set up the appointment with the chemo nurse and the time for my chemo to start. It will start on Tuesday, May 12th, at 9:00 a.m. I have all this stuff to read before then and I would like to get my house in order before I start. I imagine that it will make me ill or tired and I need to feel no stress about the house.

The Medical Lab where they sent my last blood test for genetic testing called and said that my insurance would not cover the test. It costs almost $4000 to do the test. It would show whether I have an inherited gene that causes cancer. I told her I just couldn't cover the cost. I thought that was it, but then she called and said that she didn't realize that I had two insurance and that Tricare would pay 80% of the cost. I will end up paying about $700 and they will finance it for two years with no interest. I am so glad. If it turns out that it is positive, it wll impact my treatment. Praise God for Tricare.

I saw Rev. Juan Garcia at church this afternoon. We spoke about the website that I am going to build for the Hispanic Ministry. I am excited about it but I really don't have time until next week. Beverly offered to help with the sites and she probably can after I get it set up. What I spoke with Juan about was getting me some pictures. I plan to load the pictures, then show Juan and his wife Monica how to add captions for the pictures in Spanish (since I don't speak Spanish).

I am going to need prayers for the Hispanic Site. I do wish I knew Spanish. I will be doing a lot of copying and pasting. Juan has created a very nice logo for his congregation. I am so glad to have the opportunity to help his ministry in some way. I also am going to teach Juan's wife, Monica to build a blog for their baby. It will make it easy for her family to know what is going on in their lives.

Then, there is the Young Singles Ministry, I am going to help them set up a site also. Drew is young so he will probably pick up the ways of the site real easy. It should be pretty easy for him. The picture of Ray on the right is one that we were going to put on the church's site. But that is okay, I love having it here.

I don't know why, but I joined again this morning. It was like $59 for two years. I have lost touch with so many people. When I went into my profile, I discovered an email from Gerry Moore, my brothers friend from High School. I sent him an email and he called me. I had given him Sonny's phone number and Sonny called me tonight to tell me that he had talked to him. It was kind of nostalgic and Gerry gave me a website I went on the site and was able to see the high school yearbooks from Lee High where I graduated. It was strange in a way to see my picture in my freshman year. It is also funny how much alike Sonny and I look in our features.

I spoke to Rhonda yesterday and told her that we wouldn't be able to come for Mother's Day. I guess I will be cleaning all weekend. Earl Arrowood has some more items for another yard sale and I am going to store them in the garage until I feel well enough to have a yard sale later in the summer. We will have a Lions Sale and I will have my sale. It will make for a great sale. We should get a lot of people there.

Joel Osteen in Yankee Stadium is on TV and Victoria Osteen is preaching on relationship. A lot of people think that he is only a good positive speaker, but I don't think they really have seen him preach very much. When he has a service at his church in Houston, it is over one and a half hours. He preaches, Victoria preaches, and his mother sometimes preaches. They have Larry Jones with Feed the Children on with them. The two ministries have partnered to Feed the Children. I think that is awesome. They are bringing so many to Christ and they are making sure the people have something to eat. What is wrong with being positive in Christ, I think that is what he would want for us. The enemy is always trying to bring us down and Christ builds up up. I think anyone who preaches a positive message is much more likely to reach more people.
I saw the first sermon Joel preached years ago and was impressed from the very beginning.

I guess I better get to bed. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. I love you very much for following my journey. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!
Love, Barbara