Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jimmy Fallon Makes me Laugh

Tonite, Tom Cruise is on the Tonite Show. He is such a handsome man. Jimmy and Tom are talking about his new movie, Edge of Tomorrow, with Emily Blount. Looks like and interesting movie, but just a little violent for my taste. I really liked him most in Top Gun and I love Jimmy Fallon because he makes me laugh. 

I heard that laughter can make you feel better and even in some cases really make you heal better. It is exercise for the internal organs. It is also such a positive thing for your brain. I try to watch things that will make me laugh. Jimmy Fallon makes me laugh. Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmell, David Letterman - Not so much.
My favorite!

I saw a new program the other night "Last Comic Standing." It was so good. Rosanne Barr is one of the judges and I was surprised at how good she looked. She may be older, but looks younger than she did 20 years ago. I laughed and laughed. It was on prime time and not unnecessarily profane. I never could understand why dirty words are considered so funny. Most jokes would be just as funny without the profanity. It is really not necessary. Profanity kind of gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I used to swear when I was younger. I had a girlfriend that swore with every other breath. My husband at the time mentioned it to me and said that maybe I should stay away from her because I was picking up her barroom language. I do not think that she had ever been in a barroom, but she was from the mountains in West Virginia and not only did she swear, she did it in the most hideous Southern accent.


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