Thursday, June 5, 2014

Here I Sit

Here I sit in front of my computer wondering what to write, even though my right hand and arm are in so much pain, I had to double my pain medications this morning. Rheumatoid Arthritis is the pits. 

You wake up, and before you can even get up to go to the bathroom, you lie there and think of all the things you want to do today. Do not think too fast, check out what is going on with your body. Can you get up? Wiggle your toes. Can you walk? Flex your feet. Are they numb? You have so many questions in your head before you can even lift it off the pillow.

I sit up and turn to get up; I feel the pain in my feet and hands. This morning, there is also that awful pain in my back and shoulders. I raise myself up and the headache hits. Ouch! I make my way to the bathroom and wash my face and take care of other things, then on to the kitchen and coffee.  I am so glad we have a one-cup at a time machine. I couldn't lift a whole pot of coffee. I find my protein bar and go to the recliner.

Mitzee - Shipoo
My husband is sitting down and reading the paper. Mitzee decides she wants to go out, so I walk out with her. She decides to wander around the yard and I end up going after her in my socks. She runs to the back door, leaving me to make it back up the steps. Oh, well, she doesn't know how I feel. We are having trouble training her to poop outside. I guess that when our granddaughter sent her, we should have considered giving her to someone else. She was so tiny then, and I just loved her from the minute I set eyes on her.  

SnowBall (MaltyPoo) w/Mitzee
I know what you are thinking. What is wrong with Barbara today? She is just boring. Well, I guess I feel boring.

I have been watching TV all morning and one thing that really bothered me was the women on #TheTalk. They are trying to ruin Justin Beiber's career again. Someone put out a video where he sang about the N-Word and the KKK. It was obvious that it was made when he was around 14 or 15, when he was still living at home in Canada. Hopefully, he has a little more Moxey now, and isn't intentionally degrading any people or race. The thing that really bothers me, is that #theTalk and  #theView are getting more and more picky, raunchy, and racist. They are looking for things like this to stir up controversial subjects.

It almost seems like they are just doing it for shock value and ratings. 

I used to love the programs because they discussed pertinent women's topics, not just gossip. I have always had tremendous respect for Julie Chen, but today when she was talking about Justin Bieber, she looked almost evil.

Now, there is my soapbox issue for the day. Who cares about pain when there are so many issues around that people do not give a hoot about.