Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Last week was intense. Ray insisted on watching every minute of the Republican Party Convention. Not that I didn't enjoy it, it does get boring after a while. I just wish I could go and vote tomorrow. I started watching the Democratic Party Convention tonight and it was even more boring. I just don't know about politicians, do they think we believe every thing they say. I do know that things in this country are in a mess. I wish they would quit blaming each other and just fix it.  They seem to want to fight over every thing so nothing gets done. Just put the money back in Social Security and leave it alone. It was not meant to be a backup for the budget. Why, if we have all this oil underneath us, are we in an energy crisis where a gallon of milk cost less than a gallon of gas? So much for that. I am getting off my soapbox for today.

We went down to NC for the weekend to see family and check out our Beach House. It rained most of the weekend but that wasn't so bad. Ray and I had a chance to relax. I had a strange week. I found a tender spot on the breast where I had the lumpectomy. I had a mammogram and a diagnostic ultrasound. Then they made a hurry up appointment with a surgeon. It turns out his father actually removed my gall bladder in the 90s. Dr Marshall Cross, what a personality. He made me feel better. He tried to contact the radiologist but he was gone for the weekend. He said that he would call me on Wednesday and if I didn't hear from him, to please call him on Friday. He asked me if that was alright and it was because he said I was probably fine, he just had a question about the way the radiologist worded something in the report. He wanted to make sure I am okay. We are praying (but I still have my wig!).

Can you believe that I fell asleep typing last night? I was so tired from cleaning and doing laundry all day. The only thing about going to NC is I usually bring home work to do. I have a Doctor's appointment this afternoon and then I have to go to church to hang up the quilts we made for CHKD chemo patients (children). The quilts are going to be part of our celebration tonight for the beginning of our new year at our family dinners and Bible study. It will be so nice to see all my regular friends and also some of the new members. We have had quite a few this past year. I may have to stop somewhere on the way to get some candy for the children tonight.

There have been a lot of things that have come to mind since I wrote my last post, but I just have to learn to write my ideas down. I am thinking about creating a blog to sell some of our personal items. I have some very nice things and the quality is just better than you see at yard sales. I have been thinking about a local site to do this. Just thinking. If you have ideas let me know. We are selling our beach house and it is full of nice things too. Too much stuff.

Got to go get ready for my exercise. Love to all!