Friday, September 21, 2012

Cancer Pink

I apologize for not writing in so long. I had a little scare. I thought I had another lump. After a mammogram and an ultrasound, it was determined that it was some scar tissue. Evidently they removed lymph nodes near to the chest wall. Needless to say, it has been an interesting couple of weeks. I thank those who knew what I was going through and prayed for me. Prayer works.

Some very exciting things have been going on. The Ricki Lake show has started and it is such a wonderful program. Ricki is at home there and everyone loves her so much. I remember her from when she was on before, but I don't remember very much because I was working then and we did not have a VCR. Now I have a DVR and can save it every day. I love the way she has integrated Social Media into the program. I also love being able to see my friends in the audience. They are all such beautiful women, inside and out.

I will be speaking about all this on my blog Barbara Duke - Professional Encourager. Please take a look on Sunday and see all the exciting things that are going on. It was so much fun and continues to be fun.

Sometimes things go so differently than you plan. Someone is maybe not the person you thought they were. I am comparing this to cancer because it can eat you up from the inside if you let some people to have access to your life. Some people are obsequious and will fool you for a while. You have a high opinion of them, you begin to genuinely care for them. Then it comes, there is something that is said or done that gives you a sick feeling. I know it sounds trite to say "rely on your gut," but many people have told me if you have that feeling, search it out.  I did this and conferred with other people, unknown to the person, and decided to end the relationship. I really wanted to end it in a good place. I did not want to fight with this person, or gossip about this person. This person seems intent on being unkind to me. I know that you have seen me write: "If you have a choice, choose kindness." I am trying, but this person doesn't seem to understand the concept. It is trying my patience sorely. Anyway, please say a prayer that I can keep this on an even keel and work it out so that no one is hurt, not even me.

Dabney says that I shouldn't let anyone steal my joy. We haven't discussed the particulars, but she is so supportive. A true friend stands behind you and holds you up when others are taking pot shots.

Love you all. Sorry for the downer today. Things can't be super all the time. Well, at least the mammogram was positive.