Thursday, July 5, 2012

Freedom PINK?

I cannot tell you how lovely it was to wake up Friday morning and then go back to sleep for another hour. School is out and Benita is at home with her daughter. Praise the Lord. I feel so much better and relaxed.

I eventually had to get up because I had a 10 a.m. doctors' appointment. I was able to take a leisurely shower, not the quick hop-in hop-out I have been doing during the week when Benita was here. The doctor was very kind, as always. He is my Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctor and he even keeps up with my Twitter count. He was concerned with my right hand and wrist. I seem to have carpal tunnel in it. Now I am wearing a brace most of the time.

I joked on Twitter that I thought I had carpal tunnel but it is really Pin Tunnel from using Pinterest too much. I really am hooked on Pinterest. It is almost as much fun as Twitter.  Take a look at my creations on Barbara's Pinterest Board.

Something utterly stunning happened to me. Social Media Girlfriends (#smgirlfriends) decided that I must be the June Social Media Girlfriend of the Month. It is so exciting to me. I am putting the link to the story here for you to read.
Social Media Girlfriend of the Month

I have been having pain in my jaw and last Saturday, I got this huge bump on my chin. It is bigger than a quarter. I had to go to the doctor today and get an antibiotic because it is infected. I don't know how I got it, I just know it is ugly and painful.
Snowball says "Hi"
I called Stephen Dimmick, aka @DailyDimmick, Saturday night. He suggested that I pile toothpaste on it. I admit, that was strange, but I heard from my doctor it is a great remedy for acne. It was somewhat better Sunday Morning but seemed to get uglier by the hour. I have to wear two large bandaids on it. The whole point of this is to thank Stephen for his suggestion and to tell everyone how wonderful he is. He is a real friend. He has been texting me to see how I am. How sweet is that? Thank you Stephen!