Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Tuesday PINK

I have actually started cleaning out my closet. Now, this is not your ordinary closet. About 10 years ago, Ray's grandson came to live with us and go to school. He was here for a year and it was the longest year of my life. We fussed at each other for 6 months. After we finally got to a point where we could tolerate each other, he decided to move back to NC.

The next morning, I cleaned everything out of his bedroom and washed the walls to get the cigarette smell out. He was not allowed to smoke in the house, so he would open the window and throw the butts in the flower bed. When I would find them, he would blame the neighbor.

It was such a relief for him to be gone, I knew I had to hurry and think of something to do with the room to insure that it would not be occupied by him again. I went and bought shelves and poles and we made the room into a closet. Our closet space was at a premium so it seemed like heaven to be able to put my clothes in an orderly space. Sure enough, he asked to move back into the room three months later. Guess what? No room!

Like I said, that was 10 years ago and in the meantime, both Ray and I have increased out wardrobe exponentially. Why give clothes away when you have time to store them?

The Room was fine until I got cancer. Through the surgery, radiation, chemo, and 2 bouts with pneumonia, it kind of became a mess. Last year we bought a rack on wheels that was supposed to help. It has 6 shelves and goes about 6 in. from the ceiling. I have all these cute boxes with clothes in them. Clothing around on all the walls. By the way, I also have an antique dresser and a TV in there. It is my place to go and get myself together. Sometimes I just like to go in there and do my nails in quiet. I have kind of a fancy iron barstool with arms and a cushion. I prop my feet on the dresser and lean back and read my Kindle. We have music channel on the TV.

There is a professional steamer in there. Well, last Sunday, I couldn't find anything to put on that matched, so I decided the time has come to clean out the closet. It is close in there. I keep waiting for Ray to say  "The Hoarders" called and wanted to know if they could take pictures of your closet room. So, for 3 days I have been working. I can't do much at a time, but I am beginning to see progress.

Maybe I can even do my Bible Study. It has become something of a prayer room, but I think I finally was burdened by the fact that I really did not want the Holy Spirit to see that room. It was probably him who finally pushed me over the threshold. He has laid it on my heart.

My friend, Benita was here today so I did not get much done. I do not mind having her here some of the time. People with Alzheimer's disease are just pitiful. Benita is a little belligerent. I really have to be ultra nice to her all the time. This afternoon she would not eat her lunch. It was one of my creations. I call it Macaroni and Cheese Chicken Vegetable Soup. It is so good. She went and laid down and went to sleep. Finally at about a quarter after three, I woke her up. She started accusing me of being bossy. I finally said, "Yes, I am bossy and you are going to get up and get ready to go. But first, you need to eat something. I fixed you a bowl of soup and some garlic toast." She fussed, but she came in here, sat down and ate it all.

I tell her all the time that she has to eat and she needs more liquid to keep from getting a headache. I found that out reading a Doctor's article on the web. A lot of time, people with Alzheimer's do not want to drink liquid because they do not want to go to the bathroom. But if Benita doesn't get enough liquid, she gets terrible headaches and has to take medicine, which probably doesn't do anything at all.

Rebecca picked her up and I put a DeGiorno Pizza in the oven. I put on extra cheese. I needed a little comfort food.                

Tuesday is #SMmanners at 10 p.m. EST. I just love it. I am passing you to another site to read about the California Trip the SMGirlfriends took.

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