Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello Again PINK

I apologize for not writing lately. The new combination of Google, Facebook, and Twitter kind of put me in a tailspin. Facebook was the most confusing and I am still not sure what is going on. I am still tweeting, Facebooking, although I have been lacking on Google+. I am behind on my Triberr team. They may kick me off. It has been a couple of weeks.
I also got caught up in Pinterest (look at it) - Addictive! I have 73 Boards now and over 9400 Pins. There are 546 followers and I am following 1412. I haven't even been on there that long. I just love it. I keep thinking of new ways to use it. I am putting videos from YouTube on there in pins. I love the videos on sewing and quilting. It is just wonderful. Whoever thought of this should have big pockets to put all that money in.
I pinned some of my #SweetTweets from Twitter. Then set up a board for #SMgirlfriends. Then someone else set up Social Media Girlfriends and added me.Someone added me to Must Follow Pinterest People Networking!
There is a board for:

I even got a nice tweet from Lisa Kridos, the Executive Producer of the Ricki Lake Show. She is so nice to say that I am doing wonderful things.  and Britt Michaelian @MamaBritt stayed at the Montage Beverly Hills  - 
I think they are definitely having a wonderful time! From the pictures on the Website, I can tell. They say the service is exceptional there. I would like to go there sometime. Not sure if I will ever make it to California again.
Two weeks ago, my name appeared on "The Most Remarkable People in Social Media" by JK Callus. Isn't that special? It is nice when people recognize that you have a passion for something. And then, last week my name was in an article on "The Fifty Women You Should Follow on Twitter." I am amazed. I just love interacting with everyone and encouraging everyone I can. 
Thank you to those who have faith in me and believe that I can do whatever comes my way. I love you all.