Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Everyday Pink

There has been a lot going on lately. I am sorry I haven't been writing, and I hope that I can remember everything.

At the #Slumberparty on Twitter last Friday, there was no sponsor and I didn't see a message from @DabneyPorte until late in the evening asking me to host. Anyway, I got my ducks in a row and with help of our friends, we got it together and had a grand time. Everyone had a wonderful party, drinking virtual cocktails, eating virtual food.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a pillow fight and someone had the gumption to bring a can of silly string. I think that Dabney's fiancee. Vic, brought popcorn. I am still finding kernels in the sofa. LOL! You must know that this party is all in our heads and on our screens. We send pictures of some of the most yummy food. I am excited. I go to bed feeling like I ate some of those brownies or the cheesecake, but the most wonderful thing of all is that it is all Virtual and, therefore, calorie free!

That weekend is when we all heard about the beautiful and talented Whitney Houston's passing. I am so sorry and my prayers are for her family in this time of mourning. It is so wonderful to know that Whitney was a saved Christian and her passing was a real home-going and she is with her Father in Heaven.

I meant to finish this last night. I have more to say, but it might take me a day or so. I am really in a mood to write. Yes!