Monday, March 12, 2012

Think Pink

Think Pink. There are so many people/businesses who base everything on pink. They started a support group at church for women with breast cancer, what about people who have other forms of cancer. I just found out that a dear friend has cervical cancer. Since she is in her 80s, I don't imagine there is a lot of treatment that she will want to do. Sometimes doctors won't do so much when someone is sick and that age. It if almost like being written off as too old to think about. There is something in this country that we really need to start thinking about. We Baby-Boomers are beginning to retire and soon there may be a lot more "old" people.

Those young people who are making fun of "the old guy" or the "old lady" might try sitting down with some and learning what life is about. I notice that the young people tend to think about themselves, but as you get older, you start noticing the pathos of the world and all the hunger, homelessness, and illness that can make life unbearable.

When you get older, you begin to see that money doesn't have the meaning that it did when you were younger. You begin to see money as a way to help other people and help to make life bearable for them. The point that you reach when you realize that you are wealthy in so many things. Wealthy in family, friends, associates, and even your kindness to strangers. Okay, I am off my Soapbox.

 I have been having so much fun. Judy and I posed at the quilting group in our Udderly Smooth hat and all the wonderful product that our friend at Udderly Smooth sent to us. I received one package last summer after #slumberparty and then they sent me another one right after Christmas last year. Well, we finally made our picture. I posted the picture somewhere but I cannot find it. I did however, send it to Udderly Smooth on Twitter. I just cannot find it on my computer.

I was invited to a Breast Cancer Support Group at the Cancer Center last Thursday. Evidently, they have one now. I am 3 years out now, and I am still so tired that I can barely make an evening function on my best days. I was surprised in my early days of dealing with breast cancer, even the Cancer Society didn't have any available partners to help through the process. I had to rely on the support that I got on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, I went to a neurological psychologist. He asked me lots of questions and I have to go back in in April to have 2- 2-hour sessions. I have been having some strange memory problems and tomorrow I am going to have a MRI of my head and spine to see what is going on there. Ray is taking me. I have to have Valium before I can go in the machine, so I won't be able to drive. I am going in positive that everything is alright. Say a little prayer for me if you can. All prayers appreciated.

Tomorrow, Ray is having a Birthday and a kinder man hasn't been born in this generation. We are as much in love as we were when we met and fell in love 20 years ago.
Love to all, Barbara