Thursday, February 16, 2012

Always Love You Pink

This picture shows the anthuriums that I received for Valentine's Day. That is what I asked for. We went out to dinner and had a very nice evening. I made Ray promise not to give me any chocolate. Candy is not good for my Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It is becoming evident to me that every time I eat sugar, I have intestinal problems and lots of joint pain. I guess I need to do a little more research on the subject. When I went on Tricare for Life, I had to drop my regular medical insurance. Shouldn't have done that. I am paying a lot more for drugs now since Medicare doesn't pay for medicine. I wish I could have avoided going on Disability. I didn't know you had to go on Medicare if you were approved for Disability. Medicare has so many conditions that they don't cover tests for. I am not allowed to have a mammogram twice a year any more. I went to my GYN Doctor the other day and if I wanted a PAP smear and exam, it would have cost me over $300. Turns out that Medicare doesn't pay for one every year, I think it is every other year. Anyway, I didn't get the exam. It really didn't matter, because I didn't really want one. My GEHA insurance was the best. When I went on Medicare, I was able to put it on hold in case I ever wanted or needed to use it again.

Why is everything so difficult? It seems like when you get sick, the government steps into your business and changes everything. I cannot work now, but I am not prevented from making money passively. What does that mean? It means money from rental properties, stocks, etc. I understand why seniors are in such a pinch. Evidently, Uncle Sam thinks we should all live on less than a thousand a month. I know people that their car payment is that much. I am glad I have a nest egg and don't have to worry about it.

This past weekend, I was so shocked to learn about the passing of Whitney Houston. She seemed to bookmark my life as she did so many others. All of her beautiful songs bring back so many memories. I am so sorry that she succumbed to drugs. They plagued her most of her adult life. When will celebrities learn that whatever talent they have is a gift from God and they should use it for His Glory. I have no doubt that Whitney is with God now. Satan couldn't claim her. Once you accept Christ, all Satan can do is tempt and mess up your life. I think I heard that Whitney was a Christian. You cannot lose your salvation. Whitney is up there singing with the angels. She was so loved while here and missed now she has gone home. All we can do is appreciate the fact that we have her wonderful music on audio and video sources. I pray that her family can accept her passing easily because she had just joined our father. There is no pain where she is, only Joy. I find it very comforting to think of her this way.

I guess I better get to bed, tomorrow is quilting for the Children of the King's Daughters Hospital. Got to get busy. I have been reading a lot about quilting and think I really could do this. It is something that I enjoy also. I even added a Sewing and Quilting pages on my Pinterest Board.

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