Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Claus PINK

Holiday Romance in the Keys ~ The Diva Gets Engaged!

This is the big story, my dear friend, Dabney Porte got engaged to Vic Maranto (@DabneyPorte & @VicMaranto on Twitter).
As we vacationed in the Keys at the beautiful Hawks Cay resort, my family and I were surrounded by all things fabulous! This resort is simply amazing. Even more amazing and romantic is . . . . (click on link above)
Vic still had on his Santa Hat. Such a cute couple. I pray for the very best for them and their family.

Home Again
We are back home in Virginia. I had a lovely week in North Carolina. The weather was mild and it didn't feel like Christmas until I woke up one morning with frost on the windshield. There were so many decorations to put up. Garrett and Taylor counted over 100 Santa Claus' in the great room. There was so much red. I had chosen a lovely red shiny paper to wrap with. I usually use the same paper for everything. I wrapped a lot of presents and still had a little left over. Last year I used red and white pinstripe and I had some of that left to mix with the current paper. It made some beautiful LARGE candy looking pieces for those round or odd shaped gifts. I used most of my boxes on my daughter's presents and ran out myself. I will definitely purchase more boxes next year.

Ray took me down and went back to VA on Sunday. I stayed by myself most of the time. The grands did spend the night on Tuesday. They are afraid to stay there because there is no telephone. Our cells seldom work there. I had a phone installed on Thursday before Christmas with Internet and Ray came that night. I first asked for phone and the girl said "$23.95." So I asked about Internet, she said. "$39.95." I said I didn't want to pay that much since we are not there but 2 or 3 days a month. Then she said, "If you get the Internet, the phone is free!"  I said, "Sign us up!" It took a week to get it installed and I had to become a computer expert again to get the Internet working with my computer. Everywhere you go, things are different.

So, now I guess I will stop telling everyone I am going to Verizon Wireless Purgatory when we go to our NC Get-Away. Although, having a land-line doesn't make the cell phone work. We have a dish from my daughter's so we do have TV most of the time.

I certainly missed my friends on Twitter and Facebook, mostly the Twitter friends. I still haven't been on Google Plus enough to get used to it and LinkedIn is too professional for me. I am behind on my blog posting for Triberr, but will catch up today. Twitter seems so much more "in time" for me. I guess because I don't chat on other venues.

I wish I had pictures of the week in NC, but I don't right now. My daughter will be sending me some, I hope.