Friday, November 11, 2011


     I fell again yesterday. This is actually the third time I have fallen in 5 weeks. The first time I was going out to get into the car and fell into the rose bushes; I got thorns in my hand. The second time was about 2 weeks ago and it was in the back yard. My neighbors helped me up, since Ray was in the house watching the Redskins. I had to go to the doctor and he put me into physical therapy. Yesterday, I was getting ready to go get blood tests and fell over my big feet and into a bookcase. There was a small metal ornate candleholder on a lower shelf and it cut my right hand up pretty bad. My knees were bruised and I totally destroyed our metal basket hamper. It will never be the same.
      I was alone, so I had to pick myself up and take care of the cut on my hand and the abrasions on my forearm. It was bleeding so I washed it off and put on Neosporin and bandaged the entire hand to stop the bleeding. It was over an hour before Ray came home. I had called cancelling my appointment. He helped to change the bandage before we went to bed. This morning, there was blood coming through the bandage. Ray said I should go to the doctor. The nurse bandaged it again, then gave me a tetanus shot and since I was there, a pneumonia shot. She placed some bandages to use today and a sulfa cream in a bag for me to put on the cut. Also, the doctor wrote a note not to go to physical therapy until Monday. Good thing, a nap is what is needed.  
      A professional organizer is definitely needed around here and a garage sale. I should try Craig's List, I guess. I will have to take a look and see what I can do. Anybody know someone who has a Hoarders Reality Show. We are prime candidates. Help before I fall and can't get up. LOL
      I called my friend Cindy and she is coming by tomorrow. Ray will be in Richmond at the Alpha Parliamentary Unit for a meeting and a teaching session. I thought it would be nice to have some company, she hasn’t been here in a while.  Everyone else is so busy.
      There is a yard sale down the street. If it is not too cold, I may walk down there. Tonight is #Slumberparty night at 11 p.m. First time I am able to just participate in a while. Last week I hosted and I think everyone had a good time. It was fun.
     My brother called this morning. He and his wife Pat are home from South Africa. He assured me that there were plenty of photos to see; there are at least 4K. He said he would have a video show set up in the movie room with plenty of colas and popcorn. They really do go on lots of vacations. Sounds like fun. He has worked so very hard to get where he is. I am so proud of him and proud he is my brother.
     Below is the Annie Moses Band. They were at the conference we went to Monday. They performed all three days and were totally awesome. Their music can make you smile and make you cry. Listen to this song, it is so beautiful. They are mostly Julliard trained musicians.