Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ray and I went to the Baptist General Association of Virginia Conference in Richmond Monday and were there until Wednesday. It was held at the Greater Richmond Conference Center. It was wonderful. We had dinner at the Marriott where were were staying on Monday night with the BGAV Board of Directors. Ray is one of their Parliamentarians. It was very nice, although it totally messed up our #SweetTweets Life Plan. There was the most delicious Chocolate Cake I have ever had. I couldn't resist. Just goes to show that the best laid plans can get kicked in the teeth by the nicest people.

Anyway, after eating chocolate cake, it was easy to eat every piece of chocolate we could lay our hands on through Wednesday. We are back on the diet plan today. It is so difficult to resist those carb loaded foods. But, nobody is perfect. I am going for my blood tests today and will see what my weight is. I prefer to make their scale the official scale for my diet. After losing 27 lbs, I hope my small lapse won't completely derail my plans. Ray has lost 37 lbs. We are both doing alright and I have no intention of eating any more chocolate in the near future.

The Rheumatoid Arthritis has been acting up lately. Sometimes, I think I take too much Vicadin. I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 a day but some days are just too difficult. I wish I cold take regular anti-inflamatories. The doctor thinks that if I took enough to do any good, I would have liver failure. My hands are really causing a lot of pain lately. The cold weather really doesn't agree with me at all. I want to do so many things. Sometimes I think I just don't have enough time, but I really do have lots of time. I think all the medications that I am taking keep me immobile. I just cannot seem to focus sometime.

I am working on a book of my experiences on Twitter. It has been so much fun. It will be about people that are my SuperStars. They are not "Celebrities". in the Entertainment sense of the word. They are my Celebrities. People who have inspired and cared for me over the past couple of years. People who have prayed and encouraged me. I love them all so much, I wanted to do something to spotlight them and show them my appreciation. So watch out for my book, it will be coming soon.

I was able to connect with old friends at the conference and Dr. White, my former pastor, was there. He is currently the Editor of the Religious Herald. Our friend, John Upton, was able to meet the Pope, see article:

"Two top leaders of the Baptist World Alliance brought “the fullness of what it means to be Baptist” to an interfaith summit of peace and justice, hosted Oct. 27 by Pope Benedict XVI and attended by about 300 world religious leaders. BWA general secretary Neville Callam and president John Upton joined other Christians as well as a wide range of other religious adherents in Assisi, Italy."

John Upton lead the BGAV Conference in Richmond. We actually made history by electing an African-American Pastor, Mark Croston." It was an amazing meeting. Click on the link for the full story.

Better go for now, got to get over to the Riverside Cancer Center for my blood tests. Love you all.