Friday, July 8, 2011

Graduation Pink

Emily and Corey
Emily, our granddaughter graduated recently from Tabb High School in Yorktown VA. She is absolutely beautiful. She was a cheerleader and in the band. Here is her picture from the prom with her #BFF Corey. Emily had an awesome graduation party at her home, with friends from school and family. She left on a mission trip on Monday after graduation. How wonderful is that? We love her so much. I remember when she was born, there was a small problem and no one could see her but family. Ray and I weren't married yet, but were told I could go anyway. She has really grown into a beautiful, intelligent young lady, who will be entering Longwood in the Fall to study to be a teacher. Congratulations! Emily

We have had a lot of rain here. I have been having a lot of RA pain. I have an appointment next week with Dr. Wilson. I hope he can figure out how to keep me from hurting all the time. Typing is a little difficult. I want to start a new blog that will actually be a book of some of the ups and downs in my life and how they relate to what is going on with me. We will see if I put it on a blog.

I have started Empire Avenue. It is very interesting. I still don't understand it, but it is like the stock market, which I really don't know know anything about. I seem to be doing alright. I am already worth over a Million Dollars in Eaves (Empire dollars). I have 539 people who own my shares and my stock value is already up to $86.26 per share. I have only been on there 8 days.

I am going through a lot with Social Security. It is really difficult to get disability. You think you have everything right and they turn you down again. So now I have an advocate. We will see where that goes.