Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 PINK

How is the new year treating you? I am doing alright. The cold weather is not treating me so well though. The RA is acting up. It is difficult to type so usually I tweet because a lot of that is copy and paste unless I am interacting with someone personally. Well, I am back to my New Year's Favorite Resolution. I am dieting again. LOL!

New Year's Eve was great. We did our usual thing by going to a friend's for a party. We all brought covered dishes and drank sodas. We played games with Monopoly money and had an auction for gifts at the end. We had some wonderful people this year. Some were missing that were at another party, but there some new people who made up the difference. Plus, the three granddaughters were there. They were so sweet. They helped their grands with the games and were very intelligent young girls. I enjoyed talking with them all evening. The upshot of all this is that I broke the diet before the ball dropped all the way down in New York.

I have a WBV machine. It is a whole body vibration machine. A friend of mine who had MS passed away last year and his wife sold it to me. Marty didn't get much use out of it, but I am. You can just stand on it and get benefit, but it does even better if you exercise on it. I even saw one similar to it on "The Doctors". It is supposed to help with belly fat. I am going to get back on the program again. I am also going to do the @ZnaTrainer O2 Breakthrough. It is a wonderful program. So wish me luck if you want. Personally, I don't believe in luck. Prayer would be better. I need all the prayer I can get. HAPPY NEW YEAR!