Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shrimp & Grits Pink

We went to NC last Friday. We didn't get there until late in the evening and fixed a DGiorno Pizza in the oven. It really did taste like someone just made it. We stopped at Sam's Club on the way through Greenville to  provision our weekend stay. Rhonda was at our house when we got there. She had taken all the plastic drop cloths off the furniture and was vacuuming. She is a wonderful daughter. She knows the troubles I have gone through and she helps when she can. She had bought me a pot of gold mums and in the birthday card she had two coupons: one for painting the porch and one for a complete detail house cleaning. When Jesse got there with Garrett and Taylor, they gave me their handmade cards. They are so cute.
Ray and I slept in on Saturday and just rested most of the day. We got together with Rhonda, Jesse, and the twins and went to the MUMFEST in New Bern. It was nice. It is held in the old downtown part of New Bern on the water. There was a band there but they had it closed off so you had to pay to get in to see them. Since we could hear the music, why pay? I guess I am used to the cities around here. They usually provide the Entertainment in a effort to get people to come to the event. Anyway, the children had fun on the Ferris Wheel, teacups, and bumper cars. We walked much further than I am used to. I found a pretty necklace, earrings, and bracelet from Africa. We bought drinks from the New Bern Lions Club and I met the President of their club whose name is Barbara too.
After MUMFEST, we went to Annabelle's Restaurant in New Bern. I don't think I ever said it out-loud before, but I love shrimp and I love grits. The thought that someone actually took two of my favorite foods and made such a luscious dish as shrimp and grits is almost beyond my comprehension. It was awesome. Actually, I would have put more shrimp in it and maybe a little Old Bay Seasoning. But it was really good. Then my precocious granddaughter told the waiter that we were having my birthday dinner. So the waiter brought all the other waiters and presented me with "Death by Chocolate." (with 6 spoons, thank goodness)

Garrett stayed the night with us. He laid down with his blanket on the sofa and fell right to sleep. I fell asleep in my recliner. We were all so exhausted that we stayed in bed late on Sunday. I think I overdid it Saturday. When I got up, I made pancakes. Rhonda came and got Garrett. Ray fixed a few things around the house and I cleaned up what I could. Then Ray and Jesse went to a barbecue restaurant to get dinner. They brought home barbecue chicken, Carolina Pork Barbecue, potato salad, cole slawb, but there were no hushpuppies in the bag. And I really had my mouth set for hushpuppies. LOL! It is about 20 miles to New Bern and too far to go to get the hushpuppies. Oh well, we made do. Jeff, Sharon, and Dillon came out and had dinner with us. It was good to see them. Rhonda was trying to get the children's things together for the week so they didn't stay long.  It sure was nice to see them.
Ray and I got up and got the car packed and came back to VA on Monday. When we got home Ray turned on the computer and it didn't come on. I went to the HP site and went through everything it said and still nothing. We tried to call a friend from church on Tuesday but he never called back so Ray called Geeks and they sent someone to fix it. He was here about the time I left to go to my Genesis class. Anyway, he replaced the power supply and Ray was working on the computer when I got home. He didn't lose anything. I am so glad. It was a wake-up call for him. He will be backing up everything every day now.