Friday, October 29, 2010

15 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivor Blogs PINK

  • I received this email and decided to share this with you since it is Breast Cancer Month. I believe it is imperative for everyone to get the best education they can. Online options are great.. See the email  below:
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Anyway, today is Friday and my daughter, Rhonda, and granddaughter, Taylor, are coming. I am so excited. They hardly ever come to Virginia. Jesse and Garrett are going on a Boy Scout trip for the weekend. It is very difficult to get Jesse out of North Carolina. Rhonda is going to help us with our Poker Run for the Lions Club tomorrow. 

See for the details of what is going on. We entered the info in the over 2 weeks ago but we didn't make into the Daily Press today. I sure hope people show up at the Harley-Davidson Shop on HW 17 in Grafton in the morning. This is our first one but we are thinking of doing it once or twice each year and maybe even creating a Motorcycle Lions Club. Wouldn't that be awesome? I don't know why they even have HRTownSquare any more. The Daily Press just doesn't do much free advertising for non-profits any more. They are really becoming a thing of the past and HRTownSquare is so confusing, I don't think it will ever take the place of the paper. I don't think they have upgraded it at all since they put it into play a few years ago.                                  

Yesterday was a real bummer.The lady at the Vet Clinic that was going to give away a 3-year old Yorkie decided not to give her away. So I cried and got over it. I really want a little dog to keep me company when Ray is out working. I think I have talked him into it. When we had Precious and then Pepe, he was the primary caretaker. I was working at Langley then and it was difficult for me to take care of them. But, now that I cannot work, it would mean a lot to me to have a little dog to love.
I was reading an article in Arthritis Today about having pets is good for people with arthritis.

It is a beautiful day today. I hope everyone is having a lovely day. I did my FollowFriday's this morning on Twitter already, but I am sure that I will do more later. I am busy watching Regis & Kelly and their annual Halloween show. They are wearing lots of costumes today. What fun. Maybe I will be Lady GAGA since I have the perfect wig for it. LOL.

The Rheumatoid Arthritis has been giving me fits. I never really knew what it meant to have this terrible disease. I thought arthritis was arthritis, but this is an auto-immune disease and a connective tissue disease, so sometimes the pain isn't even in a joint, it is in the connective tissue and can cause absolutely excruciating pain. The doctor gave me some prednisone to take if the pain gets too bad because pain medication doesn't seem to do very much. Although, I have found that XanGo works for the inflamation. I mix it in my 7-Up and drink it all day. It really is a wonderful drink. 

The O2 Breakthrough with @ZnaTrainer works also. I am doing the exercises and it really seems to help with the pain. Thank you Zna for all you do.

It has been a difficult week. Dr Norman Edwards passed away in his car on Wednesday. He was waiting at a stop light and the driver behind him found him and called 911. It was too late. Norman was in our choir and a wonderful baritone. He sang solos occasionally and people loved to hear him read. His wife Benita is a friend. She was on the Board of Commissions for years and she was a member of my Women's Club. She has been having memory issues for the past year. I am worried that she won't be able to live on her own now with Norman gone. I imagine she is in her late 60s but I am not sure. 

I had to unfollow over 1400 people on Twitter yesterday. I hate to do that, but if you get too many people who are not following you, but you are following them, it creates an uneven balance and you cannot add any more people until you get it down. I don't know why people don't follow other people. It doesn't clog up your feed. It is really kind of awesome because your feed moves and you get to see a whole lot more of what is going on. TweetDeck is awesome because I have 5 columns that I can see what is going on. 2 columns are ones that I created so I see my favorite peeps there and #SweetTweet them at least once a day. 

It is amazing how once someone has said to you, "It's cancer" you never get over it. Even when the doctor tells you that it is gone and you are "cancer-free" you never really believe it. It is like waiting for the ball to drop. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have faith in Christ Jesus. He keeps me grounded and positive. He is my source and salvation. If you would ever like to discuss this aspect of treatment, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
  • Love to All, God is Good, All the time.