Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tara is out of ICU and doing much better. She appreciates all the thoughts and prayer for her. God is good, all the time. My God is an Awesome God (and the only one there is.)

I have been a little depressed. It started with the mail. Since I pay all my bills online, I don't get them in the snail mail. Every day is mostly junk mail. The only thing is, now it is junk mail from Funeral Homes and Cemetaries. How depressing is that? It was bad enough when I got letters from AARP when I was 35. I know that I am getting closer to the end, but what if I live to 120? That would be a lot of junk mail. I think I have a phone number that I can call to get rid of junk mail. I know I did it before I took early retirement, but that has been a couple of years. I have decided that I will not even open them. I will just shred all junk mail. Maybe I can recycle it into my garden. I just hate to think about all that waste.

Everyone is so awesome retweeting me lately. I am getting over a 100 new followers each day. I am enjoying Twitter so much. Facebook is great too, but I am really getting worn out on FarmVille and FarmTown. It is a bit obsessive I think. I need to start blogging more and get off of the games. Maybe I need a blog partner. My friend Cresenti was going to blog with me but she moved and is busy getting her life in order in NC. I understand, but I really miss her.

Ray is so busy with his business that we don't have much time together with him on his computer and me on mine. I really wish I felt better. I don't know if it is the medicines or the Rheumatoid Arthritis. I don't seem t be able to get around very well and I am in pain so much. I don't like to take pain meds. I miss Zna too. She really motivated me. I was doing so much better on her exercises. I am going to try doing them by myself. Everyone is so nice to me, I just wish that I was able to help others more. I do have quilting on Thursday. My little sewing machine is not very heavy. We have been given keys to a cabinet at church and will be meeting twice a month to make quilts for babies in the hospital. I have one I need to quilt and one that I am still piecing. 

Our Beta Circle collected school supplies for our July mission and they said that we had a lot. I know I bought a lot. It is a shame that the State of Virginia is so poor that it cannot afford to buy school supplies for disadvantaged children. You would think the way we are taxed and with the 'Lottery' we wouldn't have a problem. I am sorry, but to me the Lottery is the Virginia Poor Tax. People who have money don't purchase tickets. I quit going into places that sell lottery tickets because I just want to go over and shake people who are there spending money on tickets looking for a free ride when they could be using the money to buy food for their children or clothing. It makes me ill. I thought of moving to NC to get away from it all together, but then they started selling them there too. It is a plague on our society. Gamboling never solved anything.

Getting off my soapbox now.
God is Good, All the time.