Friday, August 13, 2010

Amazing Pink

We went to NC last week to the "Beach House." We had a nice time with Children and Grandchildren. We met Rhonda in Greenville at MacDonalds and took the twins with us to Sam's Club. Later Garrett went to spend the night at a friend's house and we all ate barbecue from Ayden at our house. It was the original NC Barbecue. The restaurant has been featured in many southern magazines as having the NC barbecue. I thought it was alright, but a little greasy because at Parkers' in Greenville they don't chop up all the fat and stuff in their barbecue. It wasn't seasoned as well as Parker's either. We went with Rhonda, Jesse, and the twins, Garrett and Taylor on Saturday night to dinner at the Mayflower in Greenville and had seafood. Their seafood is awesome and plentiful for a very good price.

Sunday morning, we packed up the car and drove into New Bern to have lunch with my son Jeff and his new bride, Sharon. They are so good together. I think Jeff cooked the lunch in Sharon's Pampered Chef pot. He fixed Chicken with veggies and then there was baked potatoes. It was served with salad and Sharon made some brownies and we ate absolutely too many of them. I kept dozing off in the car on the way home.  Sharon's son, my new grandson, Dylan, and Sharon's father was there also. It was a great visit. We watched YouTube videos afterward in the living room. It was so nice to see Jeff so happy and settled. That guy really has his head on straight. Sharon gave me some wedding pictures, that are in this section.

We left and drove home about 4 p.m. It was a nice drive coming from New Bern to where we usually drive to in Ahoskie. Took a little longer but not too much traffic. We arrived home too late to attend our Deacon's meeting. Monday was such a hot day, I stayed in most all day. Ray has to go out occasionally, but I think he tried to stay in as much as possible.

Tuesday, Cresenti drove down. I made a 3-cheese Ravoili w/meat marinara for the Hispanic dinner our ladies circle was having for our Hispanic members. I had to go to the Region I meeting at the FOP in Hampton, but dropped my cassarole off first. I heard later that they loved it. We took care of Region Business for Lions with Jim and Linda and had dinner there. It was a great meeting. Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead.

Cresenti went to the Womens Bible School at Christoper Newport U. She really enjoyed it. She spent the night with us and was going to go back to NC on Wednesday but when she told me about the VBS for women, I talked her into staying another day and going on Wednesday night with me. It was wonderful. She got up and went to her hair appointment in Va Beach Thursday morning. She is such a sweet person, I sure wish she had her court appearance over and done with. I sure hope J.C. Penney has to pay for all the pain and suffering this wonderful woman has had to go through. I have offered to testify for her. They really messed with her life. I really don't think it is fair when big companies let people go when they are nearing retirement. Cresenti gave them 110% for 28 years of her life and just because she had a little difficulty, they didn't think about the person, only about the bottom line in a time when the economy is about the worst it has been in almost a hundred years. Of course sales are down, but hers weren't down that much as compared to other J.C.  Penney stores in the Region. They wanted to cut that big salary and have someone who was newer, making less money do the job. Actually, I never knew that department managers made that much money at Penney's. I am not sure I will ever shop at Penney's again. I know that there are a lot of ladies at our church that say they won't. I can say that I have avoided the stores since this happened. You wouldn't believe all the things I have heard about other people that worked for Penney's who were fired just before retirement also. Must be a trend. One lady that they fired was all set to testify for Cresenti when they miraculously gave her job back to her but at another store and have told her that if she wants to keep her job, she cannot talk to Cresenti's lawyer or give a deposition. How underhanded is that? She probably won't keep her job long after Cresenti's case is settled. Here I am on my soapbox again. Sorry, if I do drag on. I just hate injustice. Don't you?

This is an "Abraham Lincoln" rose in my front yard. Isn't it beautiful. Actually this was in the sun and makes it look a little brighter than normal. It has a little darker hue with velvet-like leaves. I just love it. I have a "John F. Kennedy" (cream) on the other side, but it is not blooming right now. I just love roses. They bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

I ordered "Eat Pray Love" on my Kindle and I am hurrying through my last book to get to it. I just don't want to be reading 2 books at once. If you decide to order I hope you Enjoy! I always like to read the book before I see the movie so I can see what was left out.