Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I haven't written in a while. Lots going on. I went to the Cancer Center yesterday and saw my nurse, Clifford Pyne. He says that I am cancer-free according to the blood work. Dr. Schlesinger said the same thing, but wanted to wait until I saw Cliff with the new blood work to be sure. I will be on the Arimedex for the next 5 years. It is the anti-hormone. I cannot take the hormones because of my blood clots.

So, Look at me, I am cancer-free. Pastor Dale Seley brought me up to tell everyone tonight at our church meeting. It was kind of amazing the way he did it. We had a young woman with 2 small children come forward and accept Christ. There were lots of prayers of praise and thanksgiving. we prayed for a lot of personal problems of family members. Dot Riley had company tonight, so there was only Kitty to ride to church with. Mr Williams rode back to the Chesapeake with us.

Cindy Altman's sister, Young Hee, flew back to Korea on Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully, she will be coming back in the Spring to live with Cindy. This month we are going to be looking for a poodle for Cindy. She needs a pet. She has birds, but I think a little dog would be great for her. So, we are going to be looking before Christmas. I am jealous. Ray doesn't want any more dogs, but I would like to have one. Oh, well, I can play with Cindy's.

I have been Tweeting a lot. I have over 11,881 followers. It is really something.

Tomorrow I see Dr. Wilson again about the Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am sure if God can cure cancer, rheumatoid arthritis doesn't stand a chance. When Jim came from Richmond to pray for some people at church, Ray Wilson called me and put Jim on the phone and he said a healing prayer for me on the phone. It is such a comfort to know such people of God.

Think I will go to bed now. Love to all. GOD IS GOOD! ALL THE TIME!