Thursday, November 19, 2009


Minor things going on, like my protyme blood tests are too high. We keep having to adjust the Coumadin. If I have too much, I bruise really easy. I have little bruises all over my arms and legs. The steroids are making me nervous. But, overall, I think I am feeling better. I get tired,  but just not so fast. There is a strange catch in my lungs sometimes that they can not figure out. Oh, well, Maybe Dr Miller can.

I have been enjoying FarmVille & FarmTown on Facebook with Garrett & Taylor. They had spent all their money and didn't have enough to plant new crops, so Rhonda let me into the account and I have been able to help them. Now I find ways to help them earn money to plant crops during the day and they spend it at night. LOL!

I did spend Veterans Day with my favorite Veteran, my dear Ray. There was a Lion's Eyebank Meeting at Norfolk Sentara this evening but he was home by 7 or so.

I am still in some pain and I mention for those who may be going through this in the future. The prednisone seems to be helping for now. I will see Dr. Miller on the 19th and have more tests about the joint pain. The chest pain is my lung and they seem to think that I have some scar tissue there. It causes me to do this almost hiccup thing every once in a while. It isn't actually a hiccup or sneeze, but quite involuntary anyway.

I am really enjoying being back at church on Wednesday nights. Our Pastor, Dale Seley is a very good Bible teacher. I learned a lot of information that I had no idea about. Funny, when Dr. Everet taught, I was more on the college level and knew what he was talking about. Dale talks about other denominations and what they believe. I have never been that interested in the minor differences between Baptist denominations.

Anyway, God is Good, All the Time!
Love to all, Barbara