Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I had a pretty good Saturday. Ray and I went Yard Saleing. At the first one, we found an Ethan Allen-Queen Anne Cherry Coffee Table and two end tables. They are beautiful and we only paid $60 for all three. The coffee table was actually what I was looking for but the end tables were like an added bonus. We found a laptop desk to take to NC. I can use it in the craft room.

Rhonda is there tonight with Taylor. They are decorating the craft room so mother will have a nice room to sleep in. We have purposely kept it undecorated until now so that the kids have a place to play in. They color on the walls and have a grand time. We all have painted on the wall at one time. I want them to know that they can do things that is outside the box. You don't have to go through life just following petty rules.

Even Uncle Jeff has got in on the act. Taylor called me to tell me that Rhonda is creating a surprise for me.
I am really anxious to see what they are doing.
Mother will be here on August 11. She hasn't been here since the children were about 2 years old. She has seen them since when we went to her house one Thanksgiving.
I have been having residual effects from the chemo. Some parasthesia and neuropathy. I have aches and pains in my bones and swelling in my feet and hands. Sometimes, my nose and mouth goes numb. Cliff said it should clear up by September, when they will put me on hormone therapy. I have to be careful what I eat since I am on blood thinners for the clot in my leg.
I planned to go to church last Sunday, but woke up with swollen feet and feeling really awful. So I stayed home. I did get cleaned up and when Ray got home we went to Sarah's and saw Jennifer and her new husband, Christian. He seems to be a very nice man. Emily seems to like him. I hope everything goes well for them. Jennifer has no ambitions to be anything but a wife and mother. I tried to tell her she should get her GED but it is just not a priority for her. Christian has a good job and a nice home, so I guess that is what she will do.
I have been having fun on Twitter. I have over 7300 followers now. They are great. I get all kinds of prayer tweets and positive comments from everyone. It has been a really positive experience for me. I realize that I will have to cut back on my involvement as soon as I get better. I have so much to do here in the house that should keep me busy for quite some time.
I may start looking at houses. It may be a better idea to get a larger house and sell this one. I will see what I can do. This house would need lots of work to sell it. I will have to have a plant sale. The yard is overloaded with plants. I have so many hostas, lirope, Japanese flowers, canna lillies, grasses, bushes, etc. that I have propogated and grown on my own. I plan to take some to NC to plant down there in the fall. If I take them now, they will just die because of the heat. In the fall, they will have a chance to grow roots over the winter so they will be nice next spring.
Catherine was here today cleaning. She is so nice and does such a great job. I just don't know what I would have done without her. Having your home clean when you are sick really means a lot. It helps calm your mind and see things in a much more positive light. I got a call from Beverly today. The missionaries are back from Barbados and presented their testimony tonight. I wish I hadn't got so tired today or I would have gone. I really plan to go to church this coming Sunday. Our new pastor will be preaching. I haven't had a chance to meet him yet, but I have seen a DVD of him preaching his first sermon. He is very good. I see some changes coming. But, that is good. I have always thought when you reached the point in your life that you couldn't accept change, that would mean that you were growing old. I will always be 29 in my mind. LOL.
I guess I better get to bed. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!