Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I had my last chemotherapy on July 14th and my last Neulasta shot today. The chemo went smoothly but I am not feeling too well now from the Neulasta shot. I ate salad for dinner and now I feel sick.

Ms. Catherine came and cleaned for me this morning. I even had some energy from the prednizone so we were able to rearrange the kitchen somewhat. I put i a small desk for my computer that has the TV in it, so I could watch TV while I am cooking see videos. It turned out real nice.

We are having the Lions Club meeting here on Monday night. I had arranged with Catherine to come help me before, but she is scheduled to work at Costco on that day. Oh, well, Ray will just have to help. I may fix a Taco Salad or something. Or he can pick up stuff at Costco to serve.

I haven't been sleeping well. I have been Tweeting a lot and have over 6400 followers on Twitter. The tweeple there are awesome. The send me prayers from all over the world. People in A
ustrailia, Zambia, Russia, South Africa, India, California, Hawaii, New York, etc. One of the neatest things is there are tweets from Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan from military and contractors. There is a #MilitaryMon hastag that you can send out messages on and the military can read them. Then they send you cool tweets thanking you for sending them a note. They all help me keep a positive attitude. Not to mention all the Christian friends on Twitter that are praying for me. There are some wonderful prayer warriors there.

My mother said that she may be coming in August. I am so excited. I will be so happy to see her. Since I have a blood clot behind my knee, I cannot fly and the car is not really an option either since it is about a 9-10 hour drive, unless we spend the night somewhere in between stopping frequently for me to walk around. Oh, well, I guess I am just not up to travel yet (at least not that far). My protime levels are doing good.

I am wondering now if they will do a CAT SCAN when I go back to see Dr. Schlesinger. I hope so. I had the Genetic test to find out what the possibility of it coming back is, but now I am wondering if it is all gone. How can they know?

Oh, well I am not going to second guess myself. I just have to accept that the cancer is gone now. I know that God is there for me. Sometimes, I feel that this whole experience was meant for me to learn something from, to see where God really wants me to be and do. I hear him calling me for his purpose. I will share when I know exactly what it is.

I think I am going to try make it an early night tonight. I am feeling that shot. I have a headache now. Probably sleep deprived.

Take care and just remember: GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!