Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quit Watching the News

I told you in my last post that I was depressed by all the bad things that are going on. I thought I could keep up by just watching Brian Williams in the evening. What was I thinking? Of course, the media is eating their own. Why are they bullying Brian? Ask us not to be bullies, and then turn around and bully their own people. If it was me, I would not go back to that job for any amount of money. Why would I want to work somewhere that I was not respected.

You know, I don't know anyone who does not exaggerate sometimes. I even know people that have told the same story over and over until they actually believe it themselves. So, why should Brian Williams be any different? My husband watches FOX News all the time. They are somewhat slanted, although I do listen. Combining what I hear on FOX and what I hear on CBS from Brian Williams was my go-to information.

Now that Brian has been thrown to the wolves, I am trying not to watch the news at all. I gather I have been missing the be-headings by the Muslim extremists and the stories of rape and slavery.

I am having a tough time being a "Professional Encourager" with all this bad news. Now, we have to contend with the snow.

That is it. I am quitting the fussing. It is a beautiful White Day! God is in his Heaven and all is right in the world. Oh, excuse me, did I slant that news just a little bit.

CBS News needs editors who check out the facts in the news before they even give the news to the anchor. Now, that is fair. What about the News Director and the Producer? Don't they read what they are putting on the air?

Off my band wagon. "Have a great day in the neighborhood!"

"You who are without Sin, cast the first stone."