Friday, January 30, 2015

Too Many Bad Things!

I want to apologize for not writing since January 1. I have really been down in the dumps. My therapist says to just stop watching the News. It seems that I let a lot of it affect me personally. I know that I should not.t. People killing people is so difficult for me to understand. What right do any of us to take another person's life. Maniacs terrorizing us; I haven't been on an airplane since August 2001.Do you remember the unsettling feeling when the two men were shooting at random people in the Washington DC area a few years ago. They seemed to be coming in this direction when they were finally caught. I didn't go out unless I had to. I watched everything along the road. I watched for snipers on bridges that cross over the Interstate. That fear that settles in your stomach, it is difficult to get rid of even when you pray. The thing that stopped it was when the men were caught.Then I read about the man that has been killing girls at Virginia Tech for years. He was on the police radar, but they kept ignoring him until he finally practically turned himself in by becoming so confident that he slipped up and gave himself away.I don't know about where you live, but here there is a young black man killed almost every day. I don't know how this happens. Most people who are black in this area seem to go to church, or at least believe in God. One of the worst things about this is, most of the shooters are black too. Who is taking their rights to life away?And, what about the terrorists in the Arab nations that are threatening the whole world with their idiocy. Why would they come here and try to destroy our way of life. It is their own fault that they are living in the 7th Century, not ours. They are quite possibly the most selfish people on this earth. What gives them the think they can be the Boss of Me? I do not think that God wants us to kill each other. Do they think that Mohammed is coming back? I don't think he will, because his body rotted in the ground and he returned to dust. From reading, I have determined that God lifts his prophets into Heaven when they die. Jesus ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of God. Where is Mohammed in this picture? After all the wrong things he preached and have been carried out, it is a sure thing that he is burning in the Lake of Fire.You do know that no one knows the answer to all of this. Even Mohammed did not believe himself when he saw the visions he had. He went home, told his wife, and he let her interpret what he had seen in his dream.
The upshot of all of this is that I am not watching the news anymore. It is just so depressing. Netflix is a better bet, at least I can control what goes on in my environment.