Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can I get Pink(er)?

Seven Days and Counting to Reconstruction!

Monday was a day of preparation for surgery. I went to the Plastic Surgeons office and met with the nurse for a detailed evaluation for my surgery on Tuesday, June 30, 2013. Boy I was almost stumped at the questions that were asked. Why are you taking this medication? How often do you take it? How does it make you feel? Considering all the medications that I am taking, there were loads of questions.

Taking something for anxiety, blood flow, Gurd, pain, RA, Osteopenia. So many medications that some even have more than one for one problem. I am also taking Vitamist Spray Vitamins. I started doing that over 3 months ago and am feeling well enough to do the surgery. I don't smoke anymore (23 years), I don't drink alcohol (I don't like to lose control and it tastes nasty to me), and the only drugs I do are prescription. If I could quit eating too, I wouldn't have a weight problem. I seem to be able to go cold turkey for addictions, but not modification for food. I just love food, all kinds of food. What is a girl to do?

Oh, I forgot the pictures. They took pictures of my boobs and I had to sign away my rights to them. My face was not in them, and the doctor will use the pictures for the surgery and who knows? I might end up in a medical journal someday. Did you ever think: could someone identify my body without looking at my face? I am not sure I could identify myself. They took pictures when I had my tummy tuck in 2002. It has done really well. I may have a big butt, but my tummy is flat. That also makes your boobs look bigger. I have noticed  little luv handles forming around the sides. Got to exercise more.

We have been on Atkins and Ray has lost so much weight. I don't seem to be able to. (I guess I will have to give up my stash of Cheetos.) Remember the old joke: The woman got on the talking scale and it said "One at a time Please!" I could lose a small ugly person.

Anyway, in just seven more days, I will have 2 complete boobs! The other boob will be raised to where it used to be.

God is Good All the Time! - All the Time, God is Good!

I am going to share every day until the surgery and for a while after. Leave comments or join my blog for updates.
Love and Kisses!