Thursday, January 17, 2013

Positive PINK with HireInfluence

I am feeling so positive. I have renewed my work with @HireInfluence. I will be doing something a little different. I will be tweeting out a link to their homepage  a few times a day, and then when someone clicks on it and goes there, it will be credited to me. It is kind of an affiliate kind of thing. I am looking forward to this. This is for Networking Social Media Superstars. You can fill out the form and join. Your name will be added to a list of people who are qualified for a variety of Social Media Jobs that will be coming available in the near future. There are a lot of companies, large and small that will be needing someone to run their social media, which I think will end up being one of the best forms of advertising that a company can use. There can be more interaction with clients through social media. @HireInfluence will provide the HR for companies they are lining up who can use their services. The thing that is most important to me is that there are those of you out there who need work and you have the expertise that is needed. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime. You could go to work for a company or maybe even work as a consultant. I feel so good about this. It is a win-win for me. I will be able to make a little extra money and my friends may be able to find good paying jobs doing what they love to do. Not to mention I can have my cleaning lady come back. She needs extra cash too. WATCH FOR MY TWEETS!

Everything is coming up Roses for me (and for you). The past four years have whished (made-up word) by. I have prayed to feel better and that has not happened, but I don't think I feel any worse. That is GOOD! LIFE IS GOOD! GOD IS GOOD!

I have all my wonderful friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Empire Avenue, etc. I have an amazing reach. You can check out my page on HireInfluence at Barbara Duke. I have been blessed.

Recently, I spoke with someone at All Radio Network (ARN). I signed up for it, but on deeper consultation with Ray and my doctor, it was decided that it would not be a good fit for me at the present time. If they had sent me more information to begin with, I might have been able to talk them into it. They actually signed me up when I was on a lot of Vicadin and I wasn't really sure what I was doing. I know I am a little ADHD and tend to go overboard sometimes, so for now, I will let them guide me in that area. It sounded like a great program with lots of potential, but I just do not think that it would work for me right now. I need to be quiet and do my thing and rest when possible. I really don't need anything extra. At least, that is what they tell me. They keep charging my credit card and I have asked to cancel, but have not heard anything. I think they should return the payments they asked for and heaven help them if they set up a site and use my name without my permission.

We went to Kentucky and I was able to see my mother. She seemed alright most of the time. She just forgets a lot. Since I seem to do that too, it didn't appear to be such a big deal to me, although I do worry about her. She has some wonderful neighbors who will be able to discern if she is not doing well. My brother goes over to her house often to check on her, and she spends some time at his house.

My brother and his wife are going to take their Airstream and go to Marti Gras in New Orleans and the Super Bowl. Evidently, there is a group of wealthy people who love motor homes and travel to different venues. This one has been going to Marti Gras for over 45 years.
Then in April, they are going on a cruise with my sister Jan and her husband, Woody. They are going to Spain and spend an extra week in Barcelona after the cruise.

I am going to write something on my other blog today that some people may not like, but it is my opinion about some things that are going. I will tweet it out when I am done. I hope that you are having a great week. We are not quilting today because everyone is having problems with arthritis and the weather is awful. So, I get to stay home in my PJs, cook some comfort food and do a little organizing/cleaning, since this wasn't the week for my cleaning lady.


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