Friday, June 1, 2012


Snowball, is she nuts? No, today I received a Maltypoo named Snowball. He is the most wonderful little dog and I love him already. Ray said that we couldn't get a dog until after we were finished with our travels in May. Well, May is officially over for me in about 30 minutes or so. My friend, Irene called and told me her neighbor had a friend who had a Maltipoo to give away. The doctor had said that I could only have a Maltese or a Poodle. This was perfect. His owner even brought him over after he had been to puppy beauty shop. He is about 12 lbs, spayed, all his shots, etc. I paid for his beauty appointment and even though she wanted to give him away, I felt like I should at least give her what I would have had to pay at the SPCA. Her husband has chosen to retire from the AF and has started a non-denominational church. They have been going to a lot of conferences and poor Snowball was in his crate more than he was out. He is our new baby now!

Miss @DabneyPorte -, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Producer with Social Media Girlfriends called me on the Diva Line this morning. I am going to be hosting the #Slumberparty occasionally on Friday nights at 11pm EST starting this week. I know I have been doing it some already, but now I know for sure and can prepare for the party. I am looking for new ideas, foods, drinks, and games. Tell your friends and come to the #slumberparty and we will have a real good time. Wayne Hurlburt plays some wicked music and we have a good stress-breaker of a party. Good way to start your weekend! Lots of Diva Dust floating around.