Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break PINK

Our Little Beach House in NC
I went to NC for Spring Break and had a wonderful time.I stayed in our "Beach House."  Ray took me down on Friday and went back to VA on Saturday. Jesse brought a car over to park in the driveway so people would know someone was there. The twins were going to stay the night with me on Sunday night but Taylor got a tummy ache and her daddy came after her.

The weather was wonderful most of the week. It was warm, but not too warm. I was able to do spring cleaning of a sort. Had to get rid of the dust bunnies, little bug bodies, and spider webs. For some reason, little funny bugs take over when we are not there. They hide in corners and get trapped in little spider webs. I really would like to retire for good and go there to live, but Ray isn't ready to move yet. He still has his business here in Virginia.

Garrett and Taylor
The Twins
We had to leave on Friday before my shot of Enbril came in. The reality is that I missed a shot for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am paying for it now. My legs are hurting and feel swollen. My PT/INR was really high which means that my blood is pretty thin. I had to skip my Coumadin for 2 days and I am going back to a check in the morning.  The Enbril has to be shipped packed in ice by UPS. If I had waited for it to come, I would have missed Taylor in her Easter Program she has been working on for over a month. I miss so many things, I just didn't want to miss this. It was a lot of fun and she was so surprised that we made it in time. The smile on her face went from ear to ear.

Taylor and Dancing Friends
I was able to help Rhonda some by altering Taylor and her friend Shelby's dance costumes for their Recital in May. Garrett loved staying with me. He liked playing games on my Kindle Fire. He wiped out all my scores. He is so quiet. He is very competitive. He loves to win.

I was able to rest and had plenty of time to think. It is difficult for me to focus some times. I came up with so many ideas of blog posts to write. You must read them sometime.  I tend to get on my soapbox on that blog.

Ray came back to get me Easter Weekend. We all went to our favorite Mexican Restaurant in Kinston on Saturday and celebrated Ray's Birthday. The children went to a Easter Play with their church group and had already eaten but we all went through a few baskets of fresh tortilla chips and cheese & salsa dips. We all had Steak and Chicken Fajitas. They were awesome. We go to the same Restaurant about every other time we go down, especially if it is someone's birthday. They come out with a big sombrero, pop bags, desert for the birthday person, and a lovely birthday song in Spanish.

Taylor and Great Grand Hazel
Sunday, we celebrated Easter by going to church at Ft Barnwell Baptist Church. Ft Barnwell is a suburb of Dover NC. If you are from that area, you will get a chuckle from that. LOL! The sermon was wonderful and the choir was full. It was a glorious day. Afterward, my son and his wife and her son came to Rhonda's. My mother-in-law was there. I still call her my mother-in-law because I only divorce my first husband, not her. She is fabulous and fun. Catherine, the lady that owns a horse farm behind my daughter was also there. She has had such an interesting life. I love chatting with her.

We came home to Virginia on Monday. It was a lovely drive and I didn't even take a nap.  So glad to get back to normal life. Love you all!!!!