Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Pink

We pray every day for those who are ill, homeless, out of work, etc. Now we are praying for those who were maimed and killed in Boston at the Marathon. Satan never gives us a break. There are people who say that why would God do this. God didn't do this, Satan was in the person who did this horrible thing. I am praying for the families of those murdered and those who were maimed. I have no idea who could have done this heinous act, but I would be willing to bet that it comes from Al Keida.

I don't understand this and I am sure there are those out there who do not understand it either. The world seems to be turning into an even more scary place. People are sending poison in the mail, there is an insane leader trying to scare our country into  his beliefs by threatening a nuclear missile. Who are all these stupid/insane people? I almost feel like we are on a merry-go round and there are nuts taking pot-shots at us all. No wonder I do not like going out into large venues.

When I was young, I remember being frightened because the Russians were threatening to bury us. Everyone was building bomb shelters, storing food, and just generally scaring the devil out of everyone. It is so awful that we cannot even go out and run in a marathon now and feel safe.

The world has forgotten how to be kind. Everyone is out for themselves and they do not have empathy for others. I have my opinion of why things are going this way. We have barred God from our schools and almost everything that happens in this life. Have you heard this quote?

     I would rather live my life as if there was a God and die to find there isn't, than to live my life like there was no God and die to find there is. Albert Camus

I will write more tomorrow. My sadness over the happenings in Boston is almost overwhelming. I have retweeted a couple of people who are talking about it on Twitter, but just haven't been able to express myself. I hate it so that we are so mean to each other.