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I have belonged to Social Media Girlfriends (#SMGirlfriends on Twitter) ever since its inception. I enjoy it so much. Dabney Porte, the charming woman who started it is absolutely wonderful. She is intelligent, beautiful, mindful, and one of the best Social Media Coaches around. She has helped us all through some sticky situations. She does Social Media Manners (SMManners) on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST and knows more about Internet etiquette than anyone I know. Dabney has built a wonderful following of some of the most caring, fabulous women on Twitter.

Dabney and friends
Over the past months, our Social Media Girlfriends (#smgirlfriends) community of global brilliance has been under attack.  These attacks have targeted Dabney directly, and our community as a whole via both documented/reported defaming and slanderous phone calls ( I received such a call from the lead bully in attempts to defame Dabney) and a full out bot/spam account within our #SmGirlfriends community on Twitter. 

We all know that those who hate others are typically women or men who lack self esteem and do not feel worthy of their own success.  I see it via these attacks and others on social media each day.  In this case however, it seems the behavior is led by the very person who called me and it is my opinion that she is emotionally unwell and very unstable. She is taking our ideas and claiming them as hers. It really hurts my heart, because I really thought a lot of her before she did all this. She really disappointed me. 

As a community it is our goal to empower women.  To inspire and lift each of us up so we can continue to spread true friendship and women empowerment.  To do this, we must together protect our nest on Twitter and each other. 

The following are copies of the spams sent into our #SmGirlfriends nest on Twitter. Each tweet is sent by a bot account. They use different names but the tweets are the same. I recognized them, because they were my mostly my tweets originally.
  • SMgirlfriends "Remember this  December, that love weighs more than gold!" ~Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon #SMgirlfriends
  • smgirlfriends TL2U *Good friends are like four-leaf-clovers, lucky to have and hard to find. #smgirlfriends#TL2U
  • SMgirlfriends “Most important in a friendship? Tolerance and loyalty.” J.K. Rowling #SMgirlfriends
  • smgirlfriends Thanks for bringing your global brilliance to our #smgirlfriends community! We love you all 
  • smgirlfriends Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow ~ Melody Beattie #smgirlfriends
  • SMgirlfriends “Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes the heart warm” Augustine Birrell #SMgirlfriends 
  • TL2U SMGirlfriends *I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow #TL2U#SMGirlfriends
  • smgirlfriends "To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, subtract things every day." Lao Tzu #smgirlfriend 
  • SMgirlfriends "Laughter is the shortest distance between two friends." -Victor Borge #SMgirlfriends
  • smgirlfriends Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don't unravel. ~Author Unknown Happy Thanksgiving #smgirlfriends
  • SMgirlfriends “Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes the heart warm” - Augustine Birrell #SMgirlfriends

This is an example of the type of behavior observed over the last six months and is clearly seen as attempts to dilute our community conversations as the pace picks up during key community events.   I consider it SPAM BULLYING, Don't you? I report and block each one, even though it takes time. I just hope that the spammers will get tired of creating names or tired of paying some people in a 3rd World Country that cannot spell to create Twitter accounts to keep doing this. 

How can YOU help to protect GLOBAL BRILLIANCE? 

First of all, if you are asked to get on a call with someone from Twitter  be sure you know who this person is.  If you take a call that is clearly one like I received, stand your ground.  Ask questions.  This particular bully and her cheer squad have no evidence to back the claims they make against Dabney, our community, and many of us.  I did this and do you know what happened? SHE hung up on me.  I simply told "her" that I have known/worked with Dabney for years, and she was completely out of line and character to tell me the things she did.  She even told me I was not a Christian if I spoke to or followed Dabney.  You see, the BULLY goes after what you love the most.  I love GOD, so she threatened me with this. 
I don't think I would have been allowed to be ordained if there weren't sufficient evidence that shows my loving and caring heart. 

If you receive such a call that is slanderous or defaming to Dabney or her community, let Dabney know immediately. Both her legal team and Twitter are watching closely and investigations are under way.  The best way to stop a BULLY is to question and report to the proper authorities. 

If you see an account that has only a few tweets or followers with lousy spelling, you probably have found profanity or even some weird pictures. The names more often than not, are strange too. Women's names with men's pictures and vice versa. Hit the BLOCK/REPORT button

If you see a tweet in our #SmGirlfriends stream that starts with smgirlfriends, it is likely a bot spam account, as they appear to be using an automated RT system of our hashtag tweets while removing the RT. BLOCK/REPORT 

I am a Professional Encourager and at all times try to focus on the good in life and business.  However, this harassment must end.  I think what tipped the tide was, those sending spam via created fake bot accounts have used a squished picture of me in many profile pictures.  They have also used our community trademarked logo, Dabney's profile information, guns to scare us in logo pictures and much, much more. Last week there was even a lewd picture. If you are with us on #smgirlfriends, please be careful not to even follow the spammers or any member of their team. I will be unfollowing people who are following the SpamBully this week. 

I have prayed about this and I think this is the only way to go. This person has not asked for forgiveness and is only motivated by revenge. Evidently, the only way they think they can build their business is to tear down our community. BULLY, we are not afraid of you!

"If there is a choice, choose kindness" is one of my favorite sayings. I think in this case, the kind thing would be to ignore this person and her community. There does come a time when you have to take a stand. Even Jesus got angry. She continually defames Dabney and she won't listen to reason. For some unknown reason, she has even purchased over 10,000 bot followers for #smgirlfriends. Why would anyone but someone that is purely evil do such a ghastly thing. I have seen this myself and documented many things over the past months. I am ready to go to court, if necessary, to make sure this person goes to jail or at least pays a whopping fine. 

SMGirlfriends has helped me more than any of you know. You were there for me when I have been ill and always praying for me. I love you all and I am so sorry that one of our own has turned against us for no concrete reason other than jealousy. Twitter has millions of people and there are so many who need a group. We need to share, not harass. Besides deleting the bots is hurting my arm. The RA is bad enough, now I have carpel tunnel syndrome. My husband says we should track them down, hit with the evidence, and sue. Actually, what they are doing is stalking. There are laws against that.

Got to go for now. Leave comments if you like. I would love to hear from you.
You have my sincere apologies for this. I had inserting anything bad in your day. Sometimes you just have to take a stand. Love to ALL!


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