Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Pink

The earthquake in Japan was horrifying. So many people have died from the Tsunami that hit Japan as a result of the earthquake. There were many aftershocks and now there is the danger of the nuclear power plants having a meltdown. The poor Japanese people, I pray for them each day. They survived the bombing during World War II and were just getting relieved of that horror. I know what they did in WWII but I am not sure that anyone deserves what happened to them. Sometimes it is difficult to think that we bombed them. The only good thing that came from it was the war ended. One of my mother's uncles was on the Arizona when it was bombed in Pearl Harbor, so it is not like I don't understand. As a Christian, I just cannot imagine the horror of what happened and all the suffering it caused. The Japanese were wrong about the war, but we were wrong too. Who knows what was the true "right" thing to do was.

I did get to see Dr Boyd and my colonoscopy will be in May. They will also be doing a endoscopy at the same time. He seemed to be more concerned about my throat and stomach than he did about the other end. I am sure it is nothing, but better safe than sorry.

I have been busy crocheting dishcloths for Relay for Life. My daughter is on a team and is going to sell them to raise money for breast cancer. I am cancer free, so I have this need to give back. A lady at church is giving me $20 for four of them. They are really pretty and some people even use them for washcloths because they are good for getting rid of dead skin.

It has been a busy day. We went to church and stopped by Sam's Club on the way home. When we got home, I warmed up the pork w/potatoes & onions, and I cooked a dish composed of chopped onions, cabbage, and yellow squash. It was wonderful. I sauteed in a Wok with olive oil. You can cook it as done as you want.