Friday, November 19, 2010


TGIF - Funny how many ungodly people use that phrase. I wonder if they know that if they say Gosh, it is also a phrase used for God. Why do we Thank God its Friday? Are we looking forward to a lovely weekend, culminating with the Worship of God. Or, is it just we can do what we want on Saturday and play golf, go to the movies, sleep, on Sunday. Personally, I thank God for every day. If you have been through or are close to someone who has gone through cancer, you should thanks God for each day.

As I told a friend on learning of her son's Stage IV cancer, do not be afraid of the 'C' word. It loses out to the 'G' word (God). 'God is good, all the time' is one of my favorite phrases, mainly, because he is. Sometimes we may be disappointed in what we receive, but in the grand scheme of things, there is good waiting out there for us at all times. I feel we must earn it and the only way to worship God is to serve others. If God is pleased with your service to your fellow men/women, then he is more likely to show your his goodness. If you do service with a greedy heart, it is not service. That is to say, you only do good for others if you get something out of it. We should never ask or expect anything for our service.

 I did something significant that the Lord asked me to do a few years ago. It was not an easy thing to do, but I did it anyway. It took five long years and loads of praying, but it came to pass as it was God's Plan. I asked for guidance and prayed that the Holy Spirit would enter into the hearts of the ones who didn't think it was a good idea. Eventually, the day came that everything worked out and it was one of the happiest and most significant days in my life. It made a difference in our community and changed the dynamic is the area of town where it happened. A pastor who was involved told me that when I get to Heaven I will have a crown of rubies for my head. I never thought of that, but it sounds heavy. Have you ever heard the expression that I use all the time? "You talk to God-it’s called Prayer. God talks to you, you tell someone-it’s called schizophrenia!" That was what was going on. Sometimes God talks to us in that still small voice and we just have to do what he says. Other people said to me afterward that they thought that God had been speaking to them for years about the same thing. I guess it just took God to whisper it into the ear of a 'big-mouthed woman who was not scared to speak His mind.' It worked out for good of all those who live here in Newport News whether they know about it or not. Homes and families have been saved, babies born that would not have been born, people fed, etc. God is good, all the time.